Committing to Positive Change 

For this exhibition, participants (students, staff, and extended Central community) are invited to create an original artistic piece, such as an illustration, photograph, painting, or musical composition, that reflects how we rise to initiate positive change.

Ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said “The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” The quote encapsulates all aspects of life, highlighting the importance of taking things one step at a time when any journey, personal or collective, seems daunting.


Driving Question:   

In what way have you committed to making positive change?



PARTICIPANTS: Participants (staff/students) must be part of the Burnaby Central community.

THEMATIC CONNECTIONS: All entries must be related to the theme of the exhibition: DARE to RISE: Initiating Positive Change 

 ENTRIES: Participants will submit one photograph, original piece of artwork (painting, illustration, pastel work etc.), or musical piece which is a response to the driving question of the exhibition:


FOCUS QUESTIONS Choose ONE question to respond to.  This will be the inspiration for the artistic piece you create!

  • How have you been the small ripple of change at school, home, community, or world? 
  • What cause or issue is important to you? Why is this important?  (Raise awareness!)
  • What does the word resilience means to you? Think of a time when you needed to be resilient to overcome a challenge.  How did you respond? 


Videos for Inspiration

  1. Overcoming Obstacles (TED ED) Steven Claunch – (4:22 min)

When faced with a bump in the road, sometimes we forget we have a choice: overcome the obstacle or let it overcome you. Steven Claunch, who was born without fingers on his right hand and with one leg shorter than the other and has excelled in basketball nonetheless, explains why obstacles can provide an opportunity to both inspire others and develop character.



  1. ‘The Starfish Story’ | 2D Animated Short Film by Kesh (3:29 min)

The Story is an adapted version of the popular ‘Starfish Story’ which explores the idea of little deeds and its consequences.


  1. Soft Rain’| Animated Short Film by Sacha Goedegebure & Omens Studios – (7:03 min)

This award-winning short film by Sacha Goedegebure and Omens Studios is about a man suffering from depression who is caught in a sudden downpour of pink, fluffy balls. At a crowded bus stop, a cheerful looking woman offers him a spot under her umbrella, and together they enjoy the soft rain.


Artist Statement

 All entries must be original and accompanied by a short artist’s statement (a minimum of 100 words and a max of 500). Artist’s statements can also be in the form of a poem. The aim of this statement is to tell the story of what is captured in the artistic piece.

If a participant is unable to submit a statement that meets the above guidelines, please connect with one of the sponsor teachers, and we would be happy to work with the participant to help create their artist statement.

Sponsor teachers include:

  • Ms. Pereira
  • Mr. Katsionis
  • Ms. Uhren
  • Ms. Barichello
  • Ms. Pattenaude
  • Ms. Perrotta

Please also ensure that the following is included in your artist statement.

  • Full Name
  • Grade
  • Title of Piece
  • Type of artwork (illustration, musical composition, etc…)



Please proofread and edit your artist statements before submission. 

Sponsor teachers can help you with this if needed.


Artist Statements should respond to:

  •  What informed your decision to create this artistic piece?  
  • What meaning does the subject of your artistic piece have for you? 
  • In what ways does the subject of your artistic piece reflect a sense of overcoming or taking action towards positive change.


Artist Statement Formatting
Margins – top, bottom, left, right at 0.3”
Font – Calibri
1st Line – First Name, Last Name (bold), Grade  – size 36 font
2nd Line – Title of Piece (bold & italicized), Year – size 26 font
3rd Line – Type of Artwork (illustration, musical composition, painting, etc.) – size 18 font
4th Line – Quote and source (bold) – size 14 font
Artist Statement – size 14 font
Distribute text evenly between margins
Top Ruler @ 5”



Artistic Pieces

Artistic pieces should help to express the participants’ experiences with the theme of Dare to Rise. Participants can include themselves and others in their work. Be creative! If your piece contains a person, you will need to get consent from the individual.

 The artistic piece submitted must take into consideration the overarching intention of the exhibition: Taking Action towards Positive Change.

 Each artistic piece and response must be original and previously unpublished. Work may also include original collages (ie. collection of personal photography or artwork) and may not include the work of others.


    • Musical compositions must include appropriate language for sharing at school.
    • If the musical composition includes lyrics, a Word file of the lyrics and title must be submitted.
    • Participants will submit the musical composition as an MP3 file.
    • Musical compositions will be incorporated into the exhibit using a QR CODE.


Photographs must be submitted as a RAW or JPEG file – with a minimum of 1200 pixels.

  • DIGITAL CAMERA – If you are using a digital camera, your photo will be a RAW
  • SMART PHONE – If you are using your smart phone camera, you will need to change your camera settings using the following steps:
    • Step 1 – Go to Settings
    • Step 2 – Click Camera
    • Step 3. Click Formats
    • Step 4 – Click Most Compatible (will use a JPEG format)

Please be mindful that if you are using a smart phone camera, it needs to be able to take a picture with at least 300 dpi or 8 – 12 megapixels (800 – 1200 pixels) to ensure that the printed photo can be enlarged to an 8 X 10 size.  You will also need to make sure that you use the raw phone file (not optimized for iCloud storage) to ensure the highest quality print.  




DEADLINE: All entries must be received by APRIL 9 @ 3pm


Scan the QR Code to access the submission FORM.



  OR you can access the FORM via this link:



 If you are submitting an original illustration, painting, etc., please submit to Ms. Pereira in room C231.  

 All work will be returned to the participants once the exhibition is over.


All non-digital work is to be submitted to Ms. Pereira (C231).  Please ensure that your FULL NAME and GRADE are located on the back side of the artistic piece.

  • Submit your Artist Statement as a Microsoft Word File
  • Submit your photograph as a RAW or JPEG File (min 800 – 1200 pixels)
  • Submit your musical composition as an MP3 File
  • Submit song lyrics as a Microsoft Word File