The purpose of this document is to support the Walking Curriculum 30-day challenge and to introduce an
Indigenous perspective to the learning activities. These are suggested walks only. Teachers following the 30-day
challenge are welcome to follow these suggestions or select their own walks from the Walking Curriculum text.

The Walking Curriculum aligns with the Imaginative Ecological Education, or IEE, approach to teaching. What is
unique about IEE is that it is an imagination-focused practice that employs “cognitive tools” and taps into the
distinctive nature of students’ imaginative lives. Evoking feeling and imagination is paired with engagement of
the body in local natural and cultural contexts. Imaginative Education meets Place-Based Education (pg 7).
Each walk includes a question (or questions), statement or suggestion that employs a “cognitive tool”. These 30
walks are a part of the 60 themed walks available in the resource. For activities and connections using these
cognitive tools, please refer to the Walking Curriculum by Gillian Judson. In some case additional cognitive tools
have been added to engage in the inquiry through an Indigenous lens.

30 Day_Walking Curriculum