Diversity Club

Sponsor Teachers: Ms. Colling & Ms. Pereira

Mission Statement / Information

The mission of The Diversity Club is to provide a safe and inclusive space for all members of the school community regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or ability.

The Diversity Club is geared towards students who are looking to foster a school-wide culture of appreciation for diversity.

Members of The Diversity Club are open-minded and ready to spread the message of inclusion and acceptance throughout the school and community.

Club Goals / Objectives

  • Raise awareness for the various populations that exist in our school and that should be supported and respected.
  • Enhance the school climate by ensuring that all students are accepted and can have a place to be themselves.
  • Provide peer to peer support and function as a healing space for students facing any adversity in their lives.
  • Learn about other cultures and communities in an effort to enhance empathy

Social Justice Club

Sponsor Teacher: Mr. Andrew McIlvaney