Congratulations Team TWS!

Team TWS is the winner of the “Bling My Bookcart” contest.  Congratulations!!!  Please pick up your prizes from the Librarians Wednesday at Lunch.

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Vote for the “Bling My Bookcart” Winner!

Check out the bookcarts in the display outside the Library and vote for your favourite!  Voting closes November 3rd.


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National Novel Writing Month is Coming!

November is almost here.  If you would like improve your writing by learning to silence your brain’s writing critic and write first-draft stories without judgment, then NaNoWriMo is the contest for you.  We care only about quantity.  Your writing quality doesn’t matter.  It’s a perfect opportunity for your to practice your English, your writing, and your freedom of thought. 

***Our first meeting AND Annual Photo will be at lunch in room 17 Wed. Nov. 1st.*** 

National Novel Writing Month – Registration Instructions

There are three levels of NaNoWriMo participation at Burnaby North:

  1. Secret (just for you!)
  2. Recreational (just for fun!)
  3. Competitive (fun and prizes!)

1. Secret Participants — If you just want to write a novel for the sheer joy of the exercise and don’t care if anyone knows you’re doing it, then go ahead… be a secret novelist. Just be aware that in order to keep your secret you won’t be able to use “I’m writing a novel” as an excuse for not doing your chores (I’m not saying it ever works, but you can always tryJ), or to participate in the school NovelNights, or to bounce ideas off other crazy novelists.

2 & 3.  Recreational & Competitive Participants — If you want to write a novel the sheer joy of the exercise and to join a community of crazy people sharing wacky ideas and consuming vast quantities of caffeine, you should register as an official participant with NaNoWriMo.  You will also be welcome to join any “write-ins” we host, either in 21 or the Library.  Watch the bulletin & our online classroom space for details.

  1. Fill in the online registration form from your Office 365 account AND…
  2. Register with the official competition run by “The Office of Letters and Light”. There are two options here:
  • If you want to join the official BNS group online, create your own word count goal (50,000 not required here) AND you have parental permission:
    • Register on
    • Use code RZBEQRFT to join the Viking Novel Nook
      • This site has resources for you to access and forums that are open ONLY to students in K-12 and their teachers.
    • If you are 13 or older AND want to access the regular (i.e. not school version) NaNoWriMo resources and forums AND have parental permission:
      • Register on
        • This site has resources for you to access and forums that are open to anyone in the world. These forums may contain objectionable content.

3. Competitive Participants — Submit your story to the word count validators. If you wish to be eligible for prizes you MUST submit your story (we won’t read it, only check your word count):

  • For BNS Prizes email your .doc or .rtf file to with the subject line: BNS nano
  • For official NaNoYWP or NaNoWriMo online bragging rights (depending on which site you’ve registered), follow the submission guidelines online for the website.

Ms J. Cowley, NaNoWriMo Club Sponsor

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“Bling My Bookcart” Contest Oct. 19-27

School-wide design challenge

Hey VIkings: Do you want to try your hand at designing and decorating for a usable object? Do you have creative decorating ideas? Join the Bling My Bookcart contest in the library.

Who can participate?

Everyone. We have space for up to six teams of people.  Staff & Students welcome.

What is it?

It’s your chance to let your imaginations run wild and decorate one of the library’s rolling book carts. You can use any materials you want and come up with whatever design theme strikes your fancy. Use the variety of supplies that you can find in the Library Makerspace, or bring your own. It’s like putting a Halloween costume on a book cart. The finished carts will be displayed in the big display case outside of the library and the school can vote for their favourite. Yes, there will be prizes. You can see some samples from other competitions by Google image searching ‘decorated library book carts’.

See some examples of decorated bookcarts:


The sign-up and information meeting will take place in the Library at lunch on Thursday, October 19th and the building/decorating will happen from October 24th-27th.


The library, of course. And the finished carts will be displayed in the large display case outside of the library.


Because it’s fun and we want to see your awesome designs. And also: prizes.

Who chooses the winner?

We all do!  Blinged carts will be displayed in the big display case in the foyer.  Voting will start Oct. 30 and close Nov. 3.

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Drop Everything And Read!


Monday, October 24th is BC School Libraries Day. To celebrate, we’re going to DEAR (Drop Everything And Read). At the beginning of each class on Monday, your teachers are going to read you an excerpt from one of this year’s Vikings Read selections.

Win a prize!

Did you hear all four story excerpts? After school Monday, or any time Tuesday or Wednesday, come to the library to enter a draw for a Chapters gift card. All you have to do is fill out an entry form with the title and author for each book, and which block each was read in.

Happy reading!

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Drop Everything and Read 2014



Today, teachers from each of your classes will be reading short selections from four of this year’s Vikings Read titles.  Don’t have a class during one of the blocks? Make sure to come down to the library at the beginning of the block to hear one of the librarians read each of the selections. We hope this inspires you to continue the challenge either by reading our Vikings Read titles or any book that sparks your interest!

Also, come down to the library after school today for your chance to win one of five Chapters gift cards. All you need to know is the title and author of each of the books read to you today. Contest closes at 4pm on Monday and winners will be drawn and announced starting on Tuesday.

Winners names have been posted in Wednesday’s bulletin and in front of library. Check it out to see if you have one a prize! Thanks to all who participated – it was our largest D.E.A.R. contest turnout to date!

Which of the titles read to you today have sparked your interest?

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Vikings Read 2014 Voting Ends!


Vikings Read Voting has now ended. Stay tuned to tomorrow’s PA announcement of the winner.

Prize winner names will be posted in front of the library sometime next week.

Viking Read Voting begins today! Have you read any or all of our Vikings Read titles this year? If so, click here and vote for you favourite? First 100 to vote will receive a prize!

Do you prefer the mystery of the Outback or the slowing of the Earth creating personal and environmental disaster? Maybe you prefer the mystery of Sherlock Holmes or perhaps the fantasy game that seeps into reality? Is it narration by a dog or street urchins that pique you interest? Is it the utraviolent streets of a graphic novel or ultraviolent southern Africa that you can empathize most with? Do you prefer to laugh with the bullied or be spooked by what lurks in the forest?

We want to hear it all so be sure to vote! Let us know which book you feel all Vikings (that’s you Burnaby North students!) should read and why. You can also nominate books for future Vikings Reads.

Voting runs from May 1 – May 26. Winner will be announced at the Vikings Read celebration on Wednesday, May 28th at lunch. Join us then for cake and prizes!! Due to circumstances beyond our control, the party has been cancelled. The Vikings Read 2014 winner will be announced during Wednesday’s PA announcements.

You can only vote once.

Click here to take survey


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Spring Events in the Library


All of April is Poetry Month – submit your poems and check out the Poetry Wall in the library all this month. Also, keep an eye on the school bulletin for contests!

Thursday, April 3rd – overdue notices will be distributed during period 1. Spring off to a good start by returning those overdues!

Wednesday, April 9th @ lunch – Vikings TalkThe Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

April 22nd – 25th is Literacy Week! Stay tuned for upcoming events such as a Scavenger Hunt, Movie Days, a Spelling Bee, and more. There will be prizes!!!

Tuesday, April 22nd during periods 8 & 7 – Susin Nielsin, author of Word Nerd, Dear George Clooney, Please Marry my Mother, and The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larsen, will be visiting to discuss her work as an author. Interested in joining us? Come down to the library for an in-school field trip form.

Wednesday, April 23rd @ lunch – Vikings Talk The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle

Wednesday, April 30th @ lunch – Vikings Talk Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey. Library overdue notices will be distributed during period 1.

Thursday, May 1st – Monday, May 26th – Vikings Read Online Voting! Vote for the one book you feel all Burnaby North Vikings should read!! First 100 voters will receive a prize.

Wednesday, May 28th @ lunch – Join us when we announce the winner for Vikings Read 2014.! There will be cake and door prizes, too!

Tuesday, June 3rd – All library resources due.

Thursday, June 5th – overdue notices will be distributed during period 1. All resources must be returned.


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