Library Club

Library Club is a service club for students who are interest in all things books and libraries.  We have many sub-committees which students can choose from:

  • Circulation Desk Helpers
    • Senior students only, minimum one year as a Shelver and Helper.
    • Shifts available before school, at lunch, and after school (one only).  Shifts during spare blocks may be available depending on overall schedule needs.
    • Responsible for circulation (checking in/out, renewals, prepping carts for shelvers and helpers, library reception).
  • Shelvers and Helpers
    • Shifts available before school, at lunch, and after school (one only)
    • Responsible for shelving books from circulation, putting away completed display and class cart books, shelf reading, keeping the library neat (general tidiness, lost items), ensuring library users follow library rules, assisting decorators as necessary, helping to set-up/strike down for events.
  • Decorators
    • Meet once each week (in person or online) AND as needed to complete displays for events.
    • Responsible for decorating the library and creating displays using existing display supplies and/or creating new ones.  A willingness to be creative and take initiative is valued.
  • Book reviewers/Bloggers
    • Meet as needed.
    • Writes and produces library blog posts about topics of interest to library users e.g. book reviews, new books, events, library tips.

Typically we recruit members in September.  Watch the bulletins and the library blog for meeting announcements.  We may take new members throughout the year if we have positions to fill.  Please speak with Library Staff if you’re interested.

All Library Club members earn service hours for their completed shifts/meetings.  Members are expected to treat their shifts/meetings like jobs and attend.  If you are unable to attend your shift, you are expected to find another member to swap shifts with.  If you are unable to attend a group meeting, make sure to inform the other members in advance.

Members who have displayed consistent, reliable service will be invited to special club events like club parties to recognise their commitment.

Positions below are not currently available:

  • Makerspace Leaders
    • Shifts available at lunch and after school.
    • Help to maintain our new makerspace room and coordinate events at lunch and after school.
  • Vikings Talk
    • Meet about once a week
    • Help to select Vikings Read selections for the next year.
    • Promote the Vikings Read selections and Vikings Talk sessions.
    • Host the Vikings Talk sessions.