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Booking the Library

To check the booking schedule, please see the bottom Library tab in the online Facilities Booking sheet.  Unlike other facilities, library bookings are not self-serve.  Please contact Deidre Gladwin (604562 or to book your lessons. The following resources are available to book:

  • The Teacher-Librarians:-) — you may not have the same TL teaching your lesson in each block, but we will be familiar with the lesson
  • Books/resources to be pulled for your courses–these are not permitted to be signed out until your class bookings are over)
  • Computers–17 in the main centre space, plus 2 in the Makerspace
  • Laptops–15 used in the west workspace best for large groups, or the east workspace better for pairs/trios
  • iPads–30 usable in any of our three workspaces depending on other bookings
  • Makerspace–many supplies for specific making/crafting projects.  These lessons often require extra preparation.  Please book well in advance. 

Co-Teaching with the Teacher-Librarians

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate and co-teach with you in the Library.  We request that teachers coming to co-teach with us forward their project/unit details as soon as possible so we have time to address possible adjustments/improvements and locate appropriate resources.

Lessons we frequently teach to support curriculum & project development include:

  • Library Orientation–what resources do we have available and how to access them
  • Search Skills–how to use the Catalogue & Databases for basic research
  • Bibliography Skills–what to cite, how to find it, and tools (e.g. Easybib) to make compiling your final lists easier
  • Advanced Research Skills–for Inquiry Projects (mostly Senior and/or AP)
  • Booktalks & how to select reading material

We are always open to co-teaching new lessons.  Have an idea?  Come discuss it with us.  We’re happy to help out at all stages of lesson development.  We are trained or have experience in most subject areas and are specially trained in research and inquiry.

Before bringing your class to the library

We value collaborating with colleagues and co-teaching lessons, but ultimately, it is still your class.  While you may need to move ‘off the floor’ (e.g. use the east office PC to complete attendance), we ask that you remain with your class as much as possible to monitor behaviour and answer questions.

Please remind your students of the basic library rules before you bring them to the Library.

  1. Library is a “no food” zone.  This includes gum, candy, etc.
  2. Water only is permitted at the tables in sealable containers (e.g. water bottles, sealed mugs) BUT no drinks near technology (desks with computers, laptops, or iPads).
  3. Cell phones & devices must be silent.  No voice calls permitted.  (If your classroom rules are most strict, feel free to enforce them but let us know in advance if you want us to monitor this.)
  4. Pick up printing promptly.
  5. Return all resources, chairs, etc. where they should be before you leave.
  6. Take all your belongings with you.

After your Library Lessons

We appreciate your feedback.  When your bookings are complete, let us know what worked well for your students, what gaps in understanding they still seem to have, and/or what changes to the project you now see might be necessary next year.


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