“Bling My Bookcart” Contest Oct. 19-27

School-wide design challenge

Hey VIkings: Do you want to try your hand at designing and decorating for a usable object? Do you have creative decorating ideas? Join the Bling My Bookcart contest in the library.

Who can participate?

Everyone. We have space for up to six teams of people.  Staff & Students welcome.

What is it?

It’s your chance to let your imaginations run wild and decorate one of the library’s rolling book carts. You can use any materials you want and come up with whatever design theme strikes your fancy. Use the variety of supplies that you can find in the Library Makerspace, or bring your own. It’s like putting a Halloween costume on a book cart. The finished carts will be displayed in the big display case outside of the library and the school can vote for their favourite. Yes, there will be prizes. You can see some samples from other competitions by Google image searching ‘decorated library book carts’.

See some examples of decorated bookcarts:


The sign-up and information meeting will take place in the Library at lunch on Thursday, October 19th and the building/decorating will happen from October 24th-27th.


The library, of course. And the finished carts will be displayed in the large display case outside of the library.


Because it’s fun and we want to see your awesome designs. And also: prizes.

Who chooses the winner?

We all do!  Blinged carts will be displayed in the big display case in the foyer.  Voting will start Oct. 30 and close Nov. 3.

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Help Shape Our Makerspace!

Are you interested in learning new skills?  Do you want to be able to make the things you can imagine?  Do you have skills you’d like to share with others?  Do you want to help coordinate our events?

Help us to shape our new library makerspace by telling us what you want to learn (or teach) by filling in our Makerspace Poll.  The survey will be open from Noon Sunday, Sept. 11 to Noon, Friday Sept 29th. 

Thanks for you interest in our Makerspace Poll. The poll is now closed. Please speak to the Teacher-Librarians to gice your feedback. Thanks-you.

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Viking Reads is Coming

See a teaser of what’s coming this fall.

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How do I write that sound?

Have you ever been writing an awesome story, or illustrating your comic, and gotten stuck trying to figure out how to represent a sound? Sure, some stuff like ‘splat’ for your ice cream falling on the ground is easy, but what about the sound of crippling ennui, or a cat vomiting? Wonder no more. A panel of comics writers/artists convened to debate the proper onomatopoeia for a variety of sounds. I give you: The Results of the First Annual Regional Terminology Summit, Pacific order of Onomatopoeia Professionals.  

Picture credit: http://www.fluentu.com/chinese/blog/2016/01/27/onomatopoeia-chinese/ 

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Vikings Read voting opens May 1st

Voting for this year’s Vikings Read winner will open on May 1st. You can vote at our Surveymonkey site here.  or by clicking the picture. It will not be active until May 24th and the first 50 voters will get a prize.

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Worried about fake news?


Source: http://www.ifla.org/publications/node/11174


So, the term ‘fake news’ has been around a lot lately, but what does it actually mean? According to some people, anything that runs counter to their own views is fake news. For others, it’s propaganda or advertising masquerading as news. There are also web sites written to look like news but that are actually just meant to stir up controversy. The infographic above gives you some tips on what to look for to help you spot fake news. If you’d like more information, the following sites are good not-fake sources.


AllSides looks at bias in news reporting and shows you he same news item covered from different points of view.

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Freedom to Read Week

Freedom To Read Week 2017

What do Harry Potter, Captain Underpants, and  the dictionary all have in common? They’ve all been banned in various libraries and schools. This week is national Freedom to Read Week, which focuses on intellectual freedom, guaranteed under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Freedom to Read Week does this by highlighting books that have been banned and challenged in various places. At North, we’re  celebrating by having a banned books scavenger hunt. Come by this week to hunt around the library for information about some challenged books, fill out an entry form, and enter to win a Chapters gift card. Maybe you’ll even find a banned book that you want to read.

For more information visit the Freedom to Read web site.

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Vikings Read 2017


Take a look at the books; choose some to read. Find a favourite? You can vote for it in May to help determine this year’s winner. You could possibly win a fabulous-ish prize (and also you’ll have read a good book)!

All of the books are on the poster in the picture, but, just in case, here’s a list:

A Wrinkle in Time Graphic novel  Madeline L’Engle & Hope Larson
George  Alex Gina
The Girl on the Train  Paula Hawkins
House Arrest  K. A. Holt
Lumberjanes #1: Beware the Kitten Holy  Noelle Stevenson
The Nest Kenneth Oppel
One Story, One Song  Richard Wagamese
The Onion Girl  Charles De Lint
Red Queen  Victoria Aveyard
The Truth Commission Susan Juby
The Unquiet Dead Ausma Zehanat Khan
What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Question  Randall Munroe
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