Speed Book Dating is Here!

North’s ninth annual Speed Book Dating event takes place today at lunch in the library. Here are a few tips to those that are participating:

  1. Come down to the library right at the bell with your lunch.
  2. Place all bags and coats on tables and find your designated seat (your name and book will be placed there.
  3. Finish your lunch while waiting for everyone else to arrive.
  4. During your “book date” you can say what the book is about, why your “date” should read it, and/or what you loved about it.
  5. Listen to the “book date” presented to you. Most books are available in our library and we have a list of who presented what.
  6. Have fun!

One of the Teacher-Librarians will go over these instructions again so relax and enjoy.

Thank you for supporting this annual event!

Note: The library will be closed to all other patrons during lunch.

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