From the This is Us team, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who participated in this year’s This is Us: The Spirit of Reciprocity exhibition. 

This year’s exhibition was inspired by the writing of Indigenous author and botonist, Robin Wall Kimmerer.  In her work, Kimmerer speaks to the importance honouring our kinship with the living world through the spirit of reciprocity, where humans and the natural environment are mutually benefitting from giving and receiving from the other.   In her work, Kimmerer extends an invitation to readers to reflect on how we can begin to understand the earth as a gift  and to make our relations with the world sacred again.

Students who participated in this year’s exhibition embraced the challenging task of reflecting on their relationship with the environment in a time when the world needs protection.  They were vulnerable and authentic as they explored the powerful relationships they have with local plants, trees, birds, and land, to discoveries made during the pandemic.  Most importantly, at a time when we need it most, students expressed care, compassion, and love for our earth, revealing the spirit of reciprocity.

We are humbled and thank all who were involved for sharing their stories with our community.