Senior Electives

Socials 11 Course Outline

This is a survey course intended to introduce three areas of study – introducing students to political studies and current global trends, historical inquiry and ethical assessment, and geographical awareness in an ever changing global climate. The course will emphasize inquiry based learning and research. For further info please visit the ministry website below. 

Psychology 11 Course Outline

This course introduces human behaviour and basic psychological concepts and enables students to put them into practice. The areas studied include the biological basis of behaviour, as well as human development and social psychology (personality, abnormal behaviour, treatments, etc.)


AP Psychology Course Outline 2017
This course will introduce students to the systematic and scientific study of behaviour and mental processes of humans. Students will be exposed to psychological facts, principals, and phenomenon associated with each of the sub fields in psychology. Topics addressed; Social Psych, The Brain, Personality, Learning, Intelligence etc. Students should be fully aware of the heavy content of this course and the academic challenge of a six credit university level course.  The content of this course supports a broad range of study/career paths including business, law, education, and health studies. The final exam in May is optional but strongly recommended. 


Geography 12 Course Outline
A study of the forces that shape the earth’s surface, the resulting features, and how they affect people. Students will study aspects of astronomy, oceanography, climatology, plant geography, geology and geomorphology, and examine the problems of climate change, overpopulation, resource depletion and the impact of technological development on the natural world.

History 12 Course Outiline 
A study of world history in the 20th century and the examination of the developments that have profoundly affected our civilization and way of life. Topics include the Treaty of Versailles; World War II; the Cold War; Imperialism; Nationalism; Militarism; Internationalism; the arms race; and the fall of Communism.

Law 12 Course Outline
A survey course of Canadian law and legal issues; emphasis is on statute law, case law, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and criminal and civil law as encountered by the average citizen. Topics include: Procedural law; human rights; contracts; torts; family law; consumer law; young offenders law; and emerging legal concerns.

Philosophy 12
Philosophy is a discipline that examines the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence. Students will delve into methods of reasoning and argument, metaphysical theories about the nature of reality, theories of being, epistemological theories about knowledge and truth, justice and freedom, morality and ethics. 

Psychology 12 Course Outline

This is a course on human behaviour and basic concepts in modern psychology.  The course covers the five major psychological domains:  methods, biopsychological, cognitive, developmental, and socio-economic domain. The course is designed for students who have an interest in psychology and are curious to learn how and why people think and act the way they do.

Social Justice 12 Course Outline

This course will develop students’ ethical & philosophical reasoning skills by exploring issues of injustice. Topics include: animal rights, media, consumerism, propaganda, child labour, homophobia, women’s rights, racism, global issues, environmentalism & social justice “heroes”. ​