Lest We Forget: A Reframing of Remembrance Day Exhibit 


Remembrance Day often places the focus on the Caucasian males who fought or participated in the wars, with little attention paid to the diverse groups who contributed to Canada’s war efforts, and the millions of lives impacted by war beyond the frontlines. The intention of this exhibit is to reframe how we remember by adopting an equity-informed approach to Remembrance Day.   Expanding the way we celebrate Remembrance Day does not detract from those who are already highlighted by it. Instead, it makes room for those who have been erased, acknowledges the value contributed by all of Canada’s soldiers, and recognizes the horrific impacts of war for civilians.

We would like to extend a big thank you to the our Social Studies and Diversity Club students for learning about and helping to elevate the conversation around the diverse groups who have contributed to or have been impacted by War.  We would also like to thank the students in the Access Program for creating the beautiful display on the story of the poppy and creating the poppies for the display.  Lastly, we would like to thank the students from the Art department for the exquisite artwork that brought life to the stories .  A total of 14 classes contributed to the creation and success of this exhibit! Thank you Wildcats!