Grad Project Final Presentation Info

To help you with preparing for your Final Presentation, please refer to the check list below:

1. Presentation Dates:

    • Q3: April 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12 (Sign-up outside student services)
    • Q4: May 17 to 31 (No sign-up required, check scheduled date and time outside student services)

2. Choose a presentation method. See slides for examples, click here: CLC 12 Prep Meeting for Final Presentation

3. Prepare your presentation:

    • Think about: organization, creativity, use of visuals.
    • Presentation is no more than 10 minutes long (between 8 – 10 minutes).

4. Prepare a script for your presentation and rehearse (should be note/cue card free). MUST include:

    • Discussion about your initial project goal, the process, and the end result
    • Share at least 4 artifacts/evidence of what you did throughout the project
    • Makes strong connections between personal growth and the Graduation Project journey
    • Reflect on challenges, successes and new learnings
    • Reflect on personal, post-graduation and/or career goals

5. Prepare your Portfolio to be handed in on the day of your presentation. MUST include:

6. Review presentation marking rubric to ensure you have met all the criteria.

7. On the day of your presentation:

  • Prepare a business casual outfit for the presentation.
  • Arrive to the presentation room (MPR) 10 mins early.
  • You will be given 5 minutes to set up. You will be provided a PC laptop and projector. Bring with you any other technology/adaptor/USB to make your presentation a success.
  • Once your presentation is complete, remember to hand in your Portfolio.

Best of luck everyone!