Course Selection!

Hello Burnaby South,

As a reminder, Course Selection is due on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 18TH  through the Student MyEd Portal  We have attached the “Step-by-Step” instructions to complete your Course Selection should you have any questions.

We encourage you to research any post-secondary admission requirements and career plans before you select your courses for September, so that you are able to meet any of their pre-requisites.

Here are the Presentations & Course Selection Forms to help you through the Course Selection process:

Grade 8 into 9 – Course Selection Presentation (Students)

Grade 9 into 10 – Course Selection Presentation (Students)

Grade 10 into 11 – Course Selection Presentation (Students)

Grade 11 into 12 – Course Selection Presentation (Students)

Gr. 9 Course Selection Form (2019)

Gr. 10 Course Selection Form (2019)

Gr. 11 Course Selection Form (2019)

Gr. 12 Course Selection Form (2019)

Part-Time Work For Holidays

Hi Burnaby South!

Are you looking at earning some extra $$ for the Holidays?

Or….possibly start saving $$ for Post- Secondary?

NOW is the time to start looking/applying at places for the Holiday Season (and possibly continuing on after).

Here are just SOME places who are currently looking at hiring (trust me there is TONS out there if you want to earn some extra $$)

Vancouver Canucks: Quick Service Attendant (
  • Provide premium level food service to guests on the concourse during a busy event-time environment during Canucks games, concerts, and the World Juniors at Rogers Arena
  • Have an incredible ability to thrive in a fast-paced and high volume environment while maintaining a first-in-class hospitality and food and beverage experience
  • Must be able to work weeknights, weekends, and holidays with a start time of approximately 5:30pm
  • Starting Wage: $16.00 (approx.)
  • If you are interested in applying for this position, please come and see me first
  • JOB FAIRS  –> All you need to do is show up on these 2 days for instant interviews
    • November 13 – 2pm to 5pm at Gate 2
    • November 28 – 2pm to 5pm at Gate 2
Michael Kors: Greeter (
  • Welcome customers in a professional and friendly manner when they enter and exit the store
  • Direct customers as needed to a sales team member for assistance
  • Help to maintain an orderly storefront by making sure the product is organized
Michael Kors: Seasonal Employees (
  • Provide the highest level of customer service
  • Assist in the maintenance of all inventory in the stockroom and on the selling floor
  • Greet customers as they enter our store
  • Assist in keeping the fitting rooms clean and organized
  • Offer support to our cashiers by wrapping and bagging merchandise and keeping the area clean
  • Complying with all sales related policies and procedures
Sportcheck: Cashier (
  • As a Cashier, you are the first and last point of contact for our customers.
  • You are the first person that customers see when entering the store and the last person customers will remember when exiting.
  • It’s your responsibility to leave a lasting positive impression
Indigo/Chapters: Seasonal Customer Experience Representative (
  • Engage and inspire our customers on the floor
  • Make meaningful connections
  • Create a warm and welcoming environment in our stores
  • Leverage our product to tell stories
  • Add joy to our customers’ lives
  • Curate specific product collections for each customer you meet
  • Leave a lasting impression
Samsung: Greeter
  • Have a passion for the Samsung brand
  • Exhibit energy and a positive attitude
  • Possess a keen eye for merchandising and creating a welcoming store ambiance
  • Excellent customer service, interpersonal, organizational and communication skills
Pandora: Part-Time Seasonal (
  • Candidates should have excellent communication skills, strong organisational skills and an ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment.
  • Maintaining standards in areas such as handling of merchandise, presentation, loss prevention and all other duties are key.
  • Applicants must also have the ability to maintain knowledge of policies and current promotions, as well as demonstrating the skills to actively engage with our guests and unlock the reason for their visit.
  • You must also be able to work a flexible schedule including evenings, weekends and holidays which is required for this role.
Nike: Sales Associate (
  • You are enthusiastic, courteous and you enjoy working with customers in a fast-paced environment?
  • Always up for challenges, the Sales Associate offers a unique customer experience by always representing the brand image through his/her attitude and product knowledge.
  • We are looking for positive and motivated candidates to join our team!


NEW – Online Course Available For Grade 11s & 12s

Hey Grade 11’s & 12’s!!

Are you interested in learning how culture affects our personal identities, as well as our relationships and interactions with others?

There is a BRAND NEW Course Online being offered through Burnaby Online to Grade 11’s & 12’s called Introduction to Global & Intercultural Experience 11/12

What is the Course?

This is a hands-on course that gives students the opportunity to act as peer helpers to newly arrived Burnaby international students. The course will combine face-to-face training on becoming a global peer helper with online discussions to support students to successfully navigate culture. This course will also provide students with a hands-on, practical experience as Intercultural Mentors, where they can see their learning in the field.

Communicating across cultures has become an essential skill in the 21st century, and BC students are needing the skills to thrive in a quickly changing world. Employers and post-secondary value intercultural competence, while these skills can also help us build stronger communities that recognize and affirm diversity.

Whether you are thinking about a career in business, leadership, health sciences, social work, international politics, or simply wanting to think about the way your own cultural background affects your behaviours and beliefs – this course is for you.

Such knowledge and skills are highly sought after by today’s employers as well as post-secondary schools. Universities Canada, which represents universities such as UBC, McGill and University of Toronto, recently emphasized the need for “our next generation of leaders and innovators to have core global competencies, including knowledge of business culture, language skills, and intercultural competence.”

What Are the Goals of this Course?

  1. Increase one’s cultural awareness and understanding – recognize how our own cultures and histories affect our personal identities
  2. Understand how gestures, symbols, values, and communication patterns are affected by culture– and how these behaviours and beliefs affect our interactions.
  3. Examine different worldviews as students create an authentic relationship with someone from a different culture than one’s own.

If you are at all interested in taking this course, please sign up ASAP with Burnaby Online

I have attached a copy of the Course Outline for more information.  If you do have any questions about this Course, please contact Ms. Cho ( who is a Counsellor with our International Students Education Program.

If there are any other questions you may have, please feel free to pop by my office J

This is a fantastic opportunity if you are interested Grade 11s & 12s!!

Good Luck!!

University of Toronto – Applying Updates!!

Applying to University of Toronto (U of T)

All students can find our application, and details about next steps, at

Important Dates & Deadlines

We strongly encourage all applicants to submit their application by November 1. We also strongly encourage all applicants to submit their required documents by November 15. Programs will fill early, and some may fill even before the published deadlines.

Admission Consideration

Applicants are assessed for admission on their entire academic history. Emphasis is placed on their latest two years, however the admissions committee is looking for consistent academic achievement.

Some applicants may be asked to complete a self-reported grades form. It is important that applicants complete this form even if they have submitted official transcripts.

This year, admission decisions for secondary school applicants are released during three admission rounds, occurring in February, March, and May. It is strongly recommended that applicants submit required documentation well in advance of deadlines, as some programs fill early, and some may fill even before the published deadlines.


Language Challenge Exam!!

Hey Burnaby South!!

Are you interested in Challenging a Language that you are already fluent in?


  • French 11 or 12
  • Japanese 11 or 12
  • Korean 11 or 12
  • Mandarin 11 or 12
  • Punjabi 11 or 12
  • Spanish 11 or 12


  • German 11 or 12
    • Due to consistent low enrollment it has been decided that German 11/12 exams will NO LONGER be offered

If you would like to complete a Language Challenge Exam, you MUST complete the following:

  • Download the Language Challenge Exam Application Package and fill it out COMPLETELY (it’s attached to this email)
    • ​You need to complete pages 9, 10 & 11 online before you print out the Application and bring it to me
      • Any Applications which have been completed in pen will be returned to you to redo
  • Attach a cheque for $50 (which will be refunded once you complete the Challenge exam) made out to: Delta School District –> Please NO Bank Drafts
    • ​You must also print your Full Name, School and Course you are challenging on the back of the cheque
    • FYI….If you fail to show up to your exam, then your $50 deposit will NOT be refunded
    • Note:  all International Students need to submit $175.00 as a non-refundable fee for exams
  • Attach a recent, original photo of you (can be passport type or school photo)
    • ​​ It MUST be an actual picture picture (NO photocopies, scans, etc..)
      • if you do not have an actual physical picture, then go get a Passport photo done and bring one of those
        • You can go to Crystal Mall, Metrotown, Costco, etc….
    • It CANNOT be a photocopy of a picture
    • ​​It CANNOT include anybody else in the picture (ie; friends, family, pets)
  • Submit the COMPLETED Application Package to Ms. Fenn (in Student Services, room C118) no later than Monday, October 22nd
  • Exam dates are either: January 26th or 27th, 2019 – in DELTA SCHOOL DISTRICT

  NOTE: All universities in Canada accept our Language Challenge exam marks. UBC accepts Challenge credits for pre-requisite and requirements for courses and second-language requirements but does not accept Challenge marks as part of the GPA calculation for admission. It is highly recommended that you check with your intended university for their admissions requirements.

Any questions??? Come see me J


Grad Photos –> Artona

Hey Grads! 

Don’t forget to book your Grad Photos at Artona!!!!!

South grads have been given studio time from Monday Oct 2-Sun Oct 7.  Please book an online appointment at

  • There is a refundable deposit of $60 that you pay when you go in, but you will be able to put that money towards any set of photos you decide to buy.
  • if you do not want to purchase any photos, you can request to get a refund
  • You will get your grad composite photo taken, plus photos in various settings (library background, the white room, formal living room) – it will take about an hour and half to get through
  • if you don’t get your photo taken, your go-card picture will be used for the yearbook

Remember to go have FUN with these!!!!