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Your Burnaby South Counsellors 🙂

Burnaby South Counsellors are assigned according to Last Names.  This allows for each counsellor to work with Families across all grades.

Counsellors are available for counselling appointments from 8:45am until 3:30pm on most school days.

To make an appointment, please drop by Student Services, and fill out the Appointment Sign-up Sheet, or an Appointment Slip, located on the counter at Ms. Hughes Reception Desk.

If you have an emergency situation and your counsellor is unavailable please let another staff member in Student Services know.

Students need to get an “Admin Slip” filled out for any appointments being made, as they are responsible for any work assigned during the class time that they have missed.

Your Burnaby South Counsellors are listed below:

Picture2MR. CHOW

Student Last Names: A to DE
International Students

Room:  C114
Email:  Colin.Chow@sd41.bc.ca






Student Last Names: DH – KIL
Department Head of Student Services

Room:  C107
Email: Jennifer.Duhamel-Conover@sd41.bc.ca




Student Last Names: kIM – L
ABLE Students


Room:  C108
Email:  Kristin.Ortynsky@sd41.bc.ca






Student Last Names: M – SF


Room:  C117
Email:  Roze.Siska@sd41.bc.ca



Student Last Names: S to Z
YPP (Young Parent Program) 

Room:  C118
Email:  Jacqui.Fenn@sd41.bc.ca