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Hi Burnaby South!!

Here is the Leadership Application Form (2022) - FILLABLE that is FILLABLE - that means that you SAVE the PDF to your computer FIRST and then start to type into it.

One you have finished filling everything in to the Application, please print it out, and have your 3 teachers fill out their portions of the reference areas.

Completed Leadership Applications are DUE on February 25th to Student Services - you will see a BOX labelled "Leadership Applications"

For more information about what each of our Departments offer, please see the Burnaby South Open House Page -

If you have disabled or locked yourself out of your MyEd Student Portal, please send an email to:

If you have any questions, please come and see me!

Ms. Fenn

Hi Burnaby South!

Please see the schedule below for your Course Selection Presentations happening on Monday & Tuesday


Course Selection PresentationMonday, January 24th at 12:35pm through your Microsoft Teams Account.

      • Grade 11s, please remember to research any Post-Secondary Admission Requirements NOW so that you can meet all their pre-requisites (each College/University have their own specific requirements)


Course Selection PresentationMonday, January 24th at 9:30am through your Microsoft Teams Account.

      • Grade 10s, please remember to research any Post-Secondary Admission Requirements NOW so that you can meet all their pre-requisites (each College/University have their own specific requirements)


Course Selection PresentationTuesday, January 25th at 10:45am through your Microsoft Teams Account.


Course Selection PresentationTuesday, January 25th at 9:30am through your Microsoft Teams Account.

Hi Grade 12's

Here is the Graduation Presentation which was given at the beginning of October during CLC 12 (Collaboration/Flex time).

Graduation Presentation (June 2022)

Please remember to do your Student Transcript Service (STS) for ALL University/Colleges that you apply to!

Good Luck!!

Application deadlines - Canadian students

Canadian students must apply to UBC by December 1, 2021 if they wish to be considered for:

  • First round offers of admission
  • Presidential Scholars Awards
  • Centennial Scholars Entrance Awards (supplemental application also due Dec. 1)
  • Beyond Tomorrow Scholars Program (supplemental application also due Dec. 1)

The final deadline for all other applications is January 15, 2022.

Application deadlines - International students

International students must apply to UBC and submit a separate award application by December 1, 2021, to be considered for need and merit-based awards under the International Scholars Program.

However, all international students who apply to UBC by January 15, 2022 will be automatically considered for the:

  • International Major Entrance Scholarship
  • Outstanding International Student Award

The final deadline for all other applications is January 15, 2022.

Deadline for distributed learning courses

If your students are taking distributed learning courses to meet application degree requirements, please advise them to arrange for interim (50%) complete grades to be submitted to UBC by March 15, 2022. These courses must be complete by June 30.

For details on how to submit grades for all coursework, including distributed learning courses, visit our submit your documents page.

Schulich Leader Scholarships

The Schulich Leader Scholarships program recognizes students across Canada who demonstrate excellence in academics and community leadership, who might have financial need, and who plan to study their undergraduate degree in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics) area. Candidates must be nominated by their high school. Click here to learn more about eligibility and how to apply.

Student finances

We encourage students to start their financial planning early. They can use UBC’s cost calculator to understand how much university will cost and what types of expenses they should consider. If you or your students have any questions, please connect with us directly.

Sponsorship: Some UBC students have a portion of their UBC fees paid by a sponsor such as an Indigenous community, employer, or government agency. Find more information about how a sponsor can set-up direct payments to UBC on our sponsorship billing page.

Get support: For more information on finances, students can contact Student Records and Financial Services on the Okanagan campus or an Enrolment Services Advisor  on the Vancouver campus.

Future Global Leaders

The UBC Future Global Leaders program is offered through our Extended Learning department and offers unique opportunities for students aged 15-18 to prepare for university. Although it is run by UBC, these courses will prepare your students for a first-class experience at any university.

The next cohort will be in January and it will continue to be administered online, so your students can learn at their own pace.

The Future Global Leaders team will be offering scholarships for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and other People of Colour) students who have some financial need. Please send an email message to to learn more about these scholarships.


This year grad photos will be taken in Artona’s mobile studio here at Burnaby south

Burnaby South grads have been given studio time from Wednesday, December 1st to Tuesday, December 14th

Please book an appointment at

A Refundable deposit of $60 is required – you CAN put that towards any photos you purchase

ALSO - Group friendship photos will also be offered, masks must be worn in the photos

Note: If you do not get your photo taken, your go-card picture will be used for the yearbook

Hey Burnaby South!!

SFU is offering District-Wide Virtual Information Sessions, in lieu of in person events due to Covid.

There are 3 sessions available (all will provide the exact same information) – October 13th (5-6pm), November 2nd (5-6pm) & November 29th (5-6pm)

If you’re interested in applying to SFU in the future, please make sure to click on the link in your email and logon for the presentation 😊

They will be discussing the following:

  • Program Options
  • Admissions
  • Campus Life
  • Finances
  • More

You will also have a chance to ask any questions you have about SFU at this time

Please check your Microsoft Teams email for the ZOOM links & Password for each specific presentation

Good Luck!!

Hey Burnaby South!!

Are you interested in Challenging a Language that you are already fluent in?

NOTE: Covid-19: We will be having in-person exams for Language Challenge in January 2022.  We will rigorously follow all Provincial Covid-19 guidelines and safety measures during exam days.


  • French 11 or 12
  • Japanese 11 or 12
  • Korean 11 or 12
  • Mandarin 11 or 12 (Traditional & Simplified) 
  • Punjabi 11 or 12
  • Spanish 11 or 12

If you would like to complete a Language Challenge Exam, you MUST complete the following:

  • Download the Language Challenge Exam Application Package (2021-22) and fill it out COMPLETELY --> it is attached to an email sent to your Microsoft Teams Email account
    • ​You need to complete pages 9, 10 & 11 online before you print out the Application and bring it to me
      • Any Applications which have been completed in pen will be returned to you to redo - this must all be typed out
  • Attach a cheque for $50 (which will be refunded once you complete the Challenge exam) made out to: Delta School District --> Please NO Bank Drafts
    • ​You must also print your Full Name, School and Course you are challenging on the back of the cheque
    • FYI….If you fail to show up to your exam, then your $50 deposit will NOT be refunded
    • Note:  all International Students need to submit $195 as a non-refundable fee for exams
  • Attach a recent, original photo of you (can be passport type or school photo)
    • ​​ It MUST be an actual picture picture (NO photocopies, scans, etc..)
      • if you do not have an actual physical picture, then go get a Passport photo done and bring one of those
        • You can go to Crystal Mall, Metrotown, London Drugs...
    • It CANNOT be a photocopy of a picture
    • ​​It CANNOT include anybody else in the picture (ie; friends, family, pets)
  • Submit the COMPLETED Application Package to Ms. Fenn (in Student Services, room C118) no later than Monday, October 18th  
  • Exam dates are either: January 29th or 30th 2022 – in DELTA SCHOOL DISTRICT
    • Confirmation emails will be sent out by December 15, 2021. If you have not received an email confirmation letter by mid-December please contact us by email or 604-940-5550

  NOTE: All universities in Canada accept our Language Challenge exam marks. UBC accepts Challenge credits for pre-requisite and requirements for courses and second-language requirements but does not accept Challenge marks as part of the GPA calculation for admission. It is highly recommended that you check with your intended university for their admissions requirements.

Any questions??? Please send me an email.

Ms. Fenn


Do you currently play Hockey and want to consider playing hockey in the US?

The Education USA Virtual Hockey Showcase will be occuring on Thursday, May 13th 3-5:45pm (Eastern Time)


Learn about your options to play hockey in the United States! This session will begin with an overview of hockey options, eligibility, and scholarship information. Then you will hear from 9 universities about their campuses, majors, and men's and women's hockey programs.

The goal of this session is for you to learn both about both the academic information and athletic information from each campus so you can see what it is like to be a student-athlete at each university! Students will not be joining by mic or camera for this session.

AGENDA (in Eastern time)
3:00 - "Overview of university hockey in the United States," Education USA
3:30 - Finlandia University, Michigan (NCAA D3)
3:45 - Concordia University Ann Arbor, Michigan (NAIA D2)
4:00 - Rivier University, New Hampshire (NCAA D3)
4:15 - University of Vermont (NCAA D1)
4:30 - Merrimack College, Massachusetts (NCAA D1)
4:45 - Clarkson University, New York (NCAA D1)
5:00 - St. Lawrence University, New York (NCAA D1)
5:15 - Plymouth State University, New Hampshire (NCAA D3)
5:30 - Providence College, Rhode Island (NCAA D1

Hello Burnaby South!

Tomorrow morning, Students Course Request Verification Forms will be handed out to Students in their Period 5 class.

This Course Request Verification Form is due BACK to Burnaby South this MONDAY, APRIL 12th by 3pm - Please return these forms to Student Services

  • Students will see a box labelled “Course Verification Forms” on a table near the entrance doors, that students can hand these forms into

Please take this weekend to look over your child’s Course Requests for September thoroughly, checking for accuracy.  The timetable will be built based on all students’ course requests currently in the computer.

Any changes to Course Requests must be made NOW, as course changes will not be approved in September.  To make a change, please cross out the incorrect course listed on the Course Request Verification form, and write in the correct course.

Remember, all students MUST provide 4 “Alternate Elective Courses” which they are interested in taking, should there be a conflict in their TImetable

  • If students did not select 4 “Alternate Elective Courses” OR any course was listed twice, students will have 1 or more “NO ALTERNATES SELECTED” Course(s) in the list of course requests.  Students MUST replace these with an “Alternate Elective Course”
    • As a reminder, a Course CANNOT be listed twice à ie; as part of a students 8 Courses, and as one of their “Alternate” Courses (this also includes having the “Regular” version of an Honours/AP Course in their “Alternates”)
      • Students “Alternate Elective Courses” MUST be DIFFERENT from their 1st Choice in Electives

Honours/AP Courses:

  • Due to our current Quarter System, our Honours/AP Courses have NOT been finalized
    • These decisions will not be made until the end of June, and students will find out on the 1st day of school in September if they met the Honours/AP course requirements
    • In September, if a student does not have the course listed on their Timetable, and they have the pre-requisite course, that would mean they have been placed on a waitlist
  • As a reminder, students cannot take a Summer School course to “advance” to an Honours/AP Course for September (ie: taking Science 10 to then take Chemistry 11 Honours)

Career Life Education 10 ONLINE

  • For any students in Grade 9, 10 or 11 that are planning on registering for Career Life Education 10 ONLINE to be completed in the Summer or September, this registration must be done by Students/Families through Burnaby Online:
  • Registration opens on April 19th

Summer School

As a reminder: there will be NO COURSE CHANGES IN SEPTEMBER…so make all of your choices very carefully….please do your research on your Post-Secondary requirements so you have all of you pre-requisites

If you have forgotten which Courses are being offered for September 2021, please see your Grade specific Course Selection Forms below:

Good Luck Everyone!!

Burnaby South Counsellors