NEW – Online Course Available For Grade 11s & 12s

Hey Grade 11’s & 12’s!!

Are you interested in learning how culture affects our personal identities, as well as our relationships and interactions with others?

There is a BRAND NEW Course Online being offered through Burnaby Online to Grade 11’s & 12’s called Introduction to Global & Intercultural Experience 11/12

What is the Course?

This is a hands-on course that gives students the opportunity to act as peer helpers to newly arrived Burnaby international students. The course will combine face-to-face training on becoming a global peer helper with online discussions to support students to successfully navigate culture. This course will also provide students with a hands-on, practical experience as Intercultural Mentors, where they can see their learning in the field.

Communicating across cultures has become an essential skill in the 21st century, and BC students are needing the skills to thrive in a quickly changing world. Employers and post-secondary value intercultural competence, while these skills can also help us build stronger communities that recognize and affirm diversity.

Whether you are thinking about a career in business, leadership, health sciences, social work, international politics, or simply wanting to think about the way your own cultural background affects your behaviours and beliefs – this course is for you.

Such knowledge and skills are highly sought after by today’s employers as well as post-secondary schools. Universities Canada, which represents universities such as UBC, McGill and University of Toronto, recently emphasized the need for “our next generation of leaders and innovators to have core global competencies, including knowledge of business culture, language skills, and intercultural competence.”

What Are the Goals of this Course?

  1. Increase one’s cultural awareness and understanding – recognize how our own cultures and histories affect our personal identities
  2. Understand how gestures, symbols, values, and communication patterns are affected by culture– and how these behaviours and beliefs affect our interactions.
  3. Examine different worldviews as students create an authentic relationship with someone from a different culture than one’s own.

If you are at all interested in taking this course, please sign up ASAP with Burnaby Online

I have attached a copy of the Course Outline for more information.  If you do have any questions about this Course, please contact Ms. Cho ( who is a Counsellor with our International Students Education Program.

If there are any other questions you may have, please feel free to pop by my office J

This is a fantastic opportunity if you are interested Grade 11s & 12s!!

Good Luck!!

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