Home Reading Club / Club de Lecture

familyreadingThe Home Reading Club / Club de Lecture passports are due on Friday, June 3rd. Students who have reached the 200 nights of reading goal will receive their book prize the week of June 6th to 9th. Thanks to all the families who participated in this recreational reading incentive program.

Welcome back! September happenings…

It’s the end of September and I am finally posting my first blog of the school year. As usual, it’s been a busy month of making  library cards for new students, distributing Reading Club passports, getting the class schedule set.

This month the storytimes and book exchanges have focused on teaching about library etiquette, care of books and how to find fiction books. Of course, we also had wonderful book displays on beginning the school year, libraries and librarians and Terry Fox. Some of the books I read to the primary students were Library Lil by Suzanne Williams, Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen, Little Bo-Peep’s Library Book by Cressida Cowell. Upper primary students were also read Goldie Socks and the Three Libearians by Jackie Mims Hopkins which teaches about the five-finger rule.

Festival du Livre was held the same days as the Intake meetings, Sept. 18 & 19. Sales were down this year but we still managed to get some exciting new titles for the French section of our school library. My thanks to Mrs. Birdie Chan for organizing the book fair and to the parents and students who volunteered to work at it.

The gift of books & reading

Christmas is the perfect time to encourage a love of books and reading. A book (or books) under the Christmas tree is a tradition in my family. However, last Christmas my younger son ,now 21, said not to get him the latest book in his favourite series as he was going to download it and read it on his computer. After reading it in e-format, he did admit that he did miss holding a paperbound print book. There are lots of  fun Christmas picturebooks this year;  A Bad Kitty Christmas by Nick Bruel and Home for Christmas by Jan Brett are just a couple. I’m sure e-readers will also be a popular gift this year in many families. Either format, print or electronic, it’s still very important to read. With two weeks’ holiday from school, it’s a perfect time for families to make time for reading.
If You Give a Child a Book…

If you give a child a book, he’s going to want to read it.
And as he reads, he’s going to think about what he’s reading.
And as he thinks, he’s going to recall what he
already knows and similar experiences he’s had.
And as he thinks about those experiences,
he’s going to want to write.
And as he writes, he’s going to want to talk to his friends
and share his thoughts and ideas with them.
And as he talks with others, he’s going to want
to learn and discover more.
So, chances are he’ll find another book to read.
And then another,
And another.
And as he reads more books,
he’ll discover books that make him
smile, laugh, cry, angry, curious, frustrated, contented,
thoughtful and happy.
And then, as time passes,
he’ll become a lifelong reader

-Pamela J. Farris,inspired by the book  If You Give a Mouse a Cookie


Home Reading Club deadlines

The last possible date to complete 100 nights of reading and still be eligible for a book prize at the end of the year was Feb.21st. Any students who completed a 100 nights of reading  after that date will not recieve a book prize for the 200 nights of reading. We are down to our last 100 nights of reading before the deadline date of Thursday, June  2nd. Thank you to everyone who has followed the date guidelines for our Home Reading Club program. Happy Reading!