Festival du Livre – Sept. 19th & 20th

    French Immersion Families 

Our French book fair will be on the same days as the Parent-Teacher meetings.

Wed. Sept. 19th & Thurs. Sept.20th  12-5 pm

There will be an excellent selection of books to develop your child’s French Language library at home!            Hope to see you there!

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Welcome back to all returning students and welcome to all the new students to Seaforth!

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer which included spending some time reading!

Book exchanges for classes begin on Monday, September 10th.

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Burnaby School district has now made TumbleBooks available to all students. You can get to their site through Seaforth Library’s home page. Click LIBRARY on the horizontal bar and then click CATALOGUE on the vertical bar.  For students using the website at home, the  log-in is sd41 and the password is login.

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YRCA 2017 voting


Voting will take place

on Monday, April 10th

in the school library!

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Book Borrowing guidelines for the Holidays

booktree1-550x550Students in grades 2 and up are allowed to take books out over the Christmas holidays with the understanding they do not take them on vacation with them. However, if they are going to be vacationing or visiting relatives for the whole two weeks or more, they are not allowed to take library books out. Kindergarten and grade 1 students will not be taking books out over the holidays. Their books are due on Thursday, December 15th. Happy Reading!

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Thank you , Seaforth Families!

bookaneerThank you to all the students and their families who came to the Scholastic Book Fair. It was a great success, so much so that Ms. Higgins will be able to purchase new books with the funds that we raised. As they say, everybody wins: families have new books for their home and the library has new books for the students! The winner of the Family Draw prize was a student from Mrs. Clutton’s class. Both Mrs. Clutton and the student won $25.00 worth of books. A big thank you to Mrs.Michelle Sherwood and her crew of volunteers who devoted their time to run the book fair. Also, thanks to the library monitors from Division 3 who volunteered to help at lunchtime and after school.

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Thanks for the Donation!

In October, a grade 2 student had a birthday party in which he chose not to receive gifts but donations for a special cause. I was very honoured that he chose the School Library to donate the funds to as it shows how he values and loves the school library. Thanks to the birthday party guests who contributed and Thanks Birthday Boy and his family! You are all so thoughtful, kind and giving.

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See the resemblance?









As many students and staff know, every Halloween I dress up as a book character. So far, I’ve been Olivia, Baby Mouse, Fancy Nancy, Pete the Cat, Chester, and the Queen of Hearts. This year, I was determined , and overly ambitious, to be the Mrs. Beamster, the Librarian from the Black Lagoon. The Black Lagoon books are a series written by Mike thaler. I had great fun making and assembling the costume. It was fun being her for one day. Thanks to the students who guessed who I was!

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Halloween Book ‘Treats’!









This Halloween, Primary classes were ‘treated” to two stories .  I read A Teeny Tiny Halloween, a new picturebook written by Lauren L. Wohl and illustrated by Henry Cole. It is loosely based on the old English ghost tale, The Teeny Tiny Woman so I read this traditional version first. Afterwards, the students shared what was similar and different between the two stories. It was a literary opportunity for  children to hear a traditional folktale and a fragmented version of it. 

Mystery books were promoted to the Intermediate classes and some saw the video version of an old cautionary tale told in verse titled The Spider and the Fly.




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Div. 5 Inquiry – Famous French Canadian

fleurDivision 5 students , this Inquiry is a wonderful opportunity to learn about a famous French Canadian who has made a difference and an immeasurable contribution to society.

Here is the link to readwritethink.org which has the biocube you will use to make your final copy:



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