Welcome back to all returning students and welcome to all the new students to Seaforth!

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer which included spending some time reading!

Book exchanges for classes begin on Monday, September 10th.


Burnaby School district has now made TumbleBooks available to all students. You can get to their site through Seaforth Library’s home page. Click LIBRARY on the horizontal bar and then click CATALOGUE on the vertical bar.  For students using the website at home, the  log-in is sd41 and the password is login.

Book Borrowing guidelines for the Holidays

booktree1-550x550Students in grades 2 and up are allowed to take books out over the Christmas holidays with the understanding they do not take them on vacation with them. However, if they are going to be vacationing or visiting relatives for the whole two weeks or more, they are not allowed to take library books out. Kindergarten and grade 1 students will not be taking books out over the holidays. Their books are due on Thursday, December 15th. Happy Reading!

Thanks for the Donation!

In October, a grade 2 student had a birthday party in which he chose not to receive gifts but donations for a special cause. I was very honoured that he chose the School Library to donate the funds to as it shows how he values and loves the school library. Thanks to the birthday party guests who contributed and Thanks Birthday Boy and his family! You are all so thoughtful, kind and giving.

BPL Summer Reading Club Participants

take-a-tripCongratulations to the following Seaforth students who completed this summer’s BPL reading club program called Take a Trip! The participants’ reading calendars were sent to all Burnaby Schools so that Teacher-Librarians could print out and present the students with their Certificates of Completion. Certificates were handed out last week and this week during Library Book Exchanges.

 Declan C.,

Janet Z.,

Rocco H.,

Anisha N.,

Jaedyn V.

Mia L.

Michelle M.

Abby L.

Alice T.

Nathan C.

Amaliya C.

Derek T.

Alexis C.

Anastasia N.

Cynthia L.

Ariana I.

Wilfred C.

Ethan H.

Aadam P.

Keira T.

Angela L.

Larisa J.

Mackenzie A.

Lochlann V.

Chase V.

Jason M.

Katie C.

Aasir H.

Sarah O.

Nathan C.

Hanno S.

Merika L.

Isabella K.

Georgia H.

Maelle O.

Parker V.

Oscar N.

Sophie J.

Jonah G.

Nicholas T.

Paige L.

Christine C.

Maria N.

Michael O.

Kishin K.

Alexander M.

Aaria P.

Sofia S.

Keira A.

Book Fair a big success!

imageA big  Thank You to all the Seaforth families who came and supported the book fair in November. We had record sales which means more books for the Library and, in turn, for our students to read and enjoy!

A heartfelt Thank You to Michelle Sherwood and her volunteers who donated their time and energy in running a successful book fair!



Books poem by a Division 1 student

As I was walking down the hallway last week, I couldn’t help but notice a fabulous poem about books on Division 1’s bulletin board. The grade 6 poet has kindly allowed me to share it with you.





Books are full of words short or long,

Sometimes there’s a poem or a song,

Non-fiction brings knowledge, whether you want it or not,  

for some knowledge brings fear,                    

And with fear comes distraught.

Fiction brings fantasy, magic , and much more,

With fiction comes imagination,

And perhaps more stories.

But which to choose?

Fiction or non-fiction?

Both can cause joy, excitement, or sorrow,

it all depends on what you choose to borrow,

to read and enjoy.