Battle of the Books – North Zone District Finals

Congratulations to Team 1, The BookBusters who represented Seaforth at the North Zone District Finals at Gilmore School on May 17th. After coming out on top of the 9 teams competing at Seaforth, they went on to come in 2nd place. The showed great team work and had lots of fun at the Zone finals. Team members are Nicole D, Melissa, Stephanie, Natalie,  Mehar, Ethan R., David N., and Boris. Thanks to the parents who drove that afternoon and for taking photos of the team.

Battle of the Books – School Final

On Thursday, May 3, the final battle to see which team would go to the North Zone District final was held in the afternoon. Team 1, the Book Busters won by a few points after getting the correct answers on some challenging questions. Team members are Nicole D, Melissa, Stephanie, Natalie, Ethan R., David N, Boris, and Mehar. They will be going to the Gilmore School on Thursday, May 17th to compete against other North Zone schools. Good luck, Book Busters!

First Battle was exciting!

Div. 1, 2 & 6 had their first battle yesterday morning. It was very exciting as there were some very easy questions which all the teams got the correct answers to, and then there were a few challenging ones that made the small difference in the team scores. So far, Teams 3 & 8 are tied for first place but with Team 4 behind them by one point! All teams showed great sportsmanship and team spirit. The second battle will be sometime next week.

First Battle of the Books postponed to Thursday!

                                Attention  Div.1, 2 & 6!

Are you ready to do battle? Our first Battle of the Books has been re-scheduled to Thursday, April 7th at 10:45 due to Monday’s gymnastics demos. Be ready to answer twenty questions about this year’s ten titles.  We do cumulative scoring at Seaforth so make sure your team gets off to a good start. Good luck to all nine teams!The final North Zone battle will be Tuesday, May 10th at Westridge. It’ll be a fight to the finish to see which team represents Seaforth!

Battle of the Books begins!

Attention students in Div. 1, 2 & 6! Our first Battle of the Books team meeting is on Monday, March 14th at 2 pm. You’ll be meeting with your teammates for the first time, and you’ll have to make a few decisions. One will be to choose a team name and the other is to choose two co-captains. You’ll also receive the books for your team. Please remember that after reading a book, you need to fill out a question sheet. I need those questions for the Battles! Perhaps one of your goals should be to read one book over spring break. Be a great teammate and do your part – read, read,read!