Library Club Yearbook Photo

Attention Library Club members:

Our yearbook photos for this year will happen Tuesday, January 29th at lunch in the library. Please arrive as soon as you can after the start of lunch so that we can get everything organised to take the pictures. You can bring your lunch to eat here. 

Please note: the library will be closed to anyone not in the library club at lunch on Tuesday, January 29th.

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Find a new book to love! February 14th

Are you a wiz at finding books new readers to love them?  Or maybe you’re looking for a new book to love?

Sign-up for “Speed Book-Dating” to find a new book to capture your heart.  Forms will be available in the Library and from your English teacher.  Forms are due to the library by Thursday, February 8th.

We’ll find new books to love Wednesday, February 14th at lunch.

North’s twelfth annual Speed Book-Dating event takes place Wednesday, February 14th at lunch in the library. If you’ve never been to the event before, here’s how it works:

  1. Come down to the library right at the bell with your lunch.
  2. Place all bags and coats on tables and find the seat labelled with your name.  (If you’ve asked us to provide your book and we have a copy, it will be on your chair.)
  3. Eat your lunch while waiting for everyone else to arrive.
  4. When we begin, you’ll be paired with one other person who also has a book to share.  Introduce them to your book.  You can say what the book is about, why you think they’ll love it, and and/or what you loved about it.
  5. Next your partner will tell you about their book to love.  Remember (or make a note) of the book’s title if it sounds like a story you might want to spend some time with.
  6. Rotate and and do it all again with your new partner.

Most of the books are available in our library.  If you’ve forgotten which title stole your heart, we will also have a list of who presented what so you can easily find the books that made your heart flutter.

One of the Teacher-Librarians will go over these instructions again so relax and enjoy.

Thank you for supporting this annual event!

Note: The library will be closed to all other patrons during lunch.

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Library Club Yearbook Photo

Attention Library Club: We will have our club yearbook photo done on Tuesday, January 30th at lunch in the library. Please come to the library immediately at lunch so that we can get organised.

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Library Club Event this Friday

A reminder to Library Club members…if you’ve been working your shifts/tasks you’re invited to the Christmas lunch this Friday. 

Please RSVP on the sign-up sheet in the Library so we will have enough treats for everyone attending. 

Sign-up ends at lunch on Wed. Dec. 13th.

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Help Shape Our Makerspace!

Are you interested in learning new skills?  Do you want to be able to make the things you can imagine?  Do you have skills you’d like to share with others?  Do you want to help coordinate our events?

Help us to shape our new library makerspace by telling us what you want to learn (or teach) by filling in our Makerspace Poll.  The survey will be open from Noon Sunday, Sept. 11 to Noon, Friday Sept 29th. 

Thanks for you interest in our Makerspace Poll. The poll is now closed. Please speak to the Teacher-Librarians to gice your feedback. Thanks-you.

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For library club shelvers

How to shelve non-fiction books

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Library Club Groups Are Done


Library Club: The library club groups and schedule assignments have been posted in the library. There will be meetings at lunch for the different crews as follows: Shelvers and Circulation Desk helpers Tuesday Oct 11th; Decorators and Book Reviewers/Bloggers Thursday Oct 13th; Vikings Talk/Read Friday Oct 14.

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Library Club June Party

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