Flex Day Makerspace Christmas Craft Workshop

Join us in the Library Makerspace during the flex block on Tuesday, November 27th and learn to make a holiday craft. You can choose to make a card, or start to learn to crochet to make a holiday ornament. You may need to come back for more than one session to complete your craft. Fortunately, the Makerspace is open at lunch and after school for you! You can see some examples of the types of things you can make at the top of this post. If you’re planning on coming, we’d appreciate it if you’d email Ms Gladwin at deidre.gladwin@burnabyschools.ca or come by the library to sign up ahead of time as it helps us to plan for supplies (you can still come if you don’t sign up, but it helps us plan).

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It’s January! Get Cozy and Learn New Things

Come check out our new display of cozy reads.It’s the start of a new year.  January can be grey and cold, so it’s a great time to stay inside and learn new skills.  Learn to cook some comfort food for friends and family.  Or if you’d rather not deal with people, it’s also a great month to cozy up with a great book and a warm drink.  

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Vikings Read 2018

5 to 1 by Holly Bodger

The Graveyard Book (both the novel and graphic novel) by Neil Gaiman

Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant by Tony Cliff

George’s Secret Key to the Universe by Stephen Hawking & Lucky Hawking

March book 1 by John Lewis

Nobody Cries at Bingo by Dawn Dumont

Rule of 3 by Eric Walters

Take Us to Your Chief  by Drew Hayden Taylor

Three Body Problem (both English and Chinese) by Cixin Liu

Without Annette by Jane B. Mason

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

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Movies or Books?

Many movies are based on books.  Which do you prefer: reading the book BEFORE you see the movie or AFTER?  Many new films based on books are currently in production, or have just been released.  Popsugar has compiled a list of 100.  We already have many of these titles in our collection.  Check our catalogue for many of these reads.  Let us know if the one you want to read is missing and we’ll see if we can order it.


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Bullet Journaling Workshop – Monday, October 30th.

Want an interesting and creative way to organise  your tasks and keep track of your life?

Join us for a workshop on how to make a bullet journal. It’s more creative and flexible than just making a list! You can adapt it for your own personal style; make it as fancy or as plain as you want. Bring your own journal/notebook to get started in and something to write with. You can eat your lunch at the workshop. 

Where: the library makerspace

When: Monday, October 30th at lunch

Who: You, hopefully

Sample pages from some bullet journals found online:

peek into my week   from http://www.justsomebroad.com/tag/bullet-journal/     from http://www.becomingateen.co.uk/advice-blog/articles/Bullet-Journals

 A few of my 2016 favorite bullet journal pages. from http://sublimereflection.com/2016-favorite-bullet-journal-pages/

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How do I write that sound?

Have you ever been writing an awesome story, or illustrating your comic, and gotten stuck trying to figure out how to represent a sound? Sure, some stuff like ‘splat’ for your ice cream falling on the ground is easy, but what about the sound of crippling ennui, or a cat vomiting? Wonder no more. A panel of comics writers/artists convened to debate the proper onomatopoeia for a variety of sounds. I give you: The Results of the First Annual Regional Terminology Summit, Pacific order of Onomatopoeia Professionals.  

Picture credit: http://www.fluentu.com/chinese/blog/2016/01/27/onomatopoeia-chinese/ 

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Vikings Read voting opens May 1st

Voting for this year’s Vikings Read winner will open on May 1st. You can vote at our Surveymonkey site here.  or by clicking the picture. It will not be active until May 24th and the first 50 voters will get a prize.

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Speed! Book! Dating!

Join us on Friday, February 10th for this year’s edition of Speed Book Dating. No, you’re not finding a person to date, you’re sharing your love for your favourite book, and maybe finding a new book to fall in love with. Find new books, share your favourites, maybe win a prize, eat some chocolate.


When: Friday, February 10th, at lunch. Where: In the library, of course. How does it work: Choose a favourite book that you’d like to share; fill out the form you’ll find in the library; be prepared to spend 45-60 seconds sharing with a partner why your book is so awesome and hear about the awesomeness of their book; then, switch to a new partner. It’s fun, it’s fast, and you’ll probably discover new books that you want to read. If you’re coming, please sign up in the library by this Friday, February 3rd.

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