‘The Graveyard Book’ Wins Vikings Read 2018

Neil Gaiman’s tale of Nobody Owen’s mysterious life won the most votes from Vikings to be this year’s winner of the Vikings Read competition.

Come to the library to get a sneak peak at next year’s titles so you can plan your summer/fall reading.


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Vikings Make Beautiful Cards

We had a great turn-out for our handmade card workshop Friday at lunch.  We have some very creative Makers.  Thanks for sharing your work with us!  If you missed the workshop, we still have supplies and instructions available in the Makerspace.  When the library reopens after exams, come on down and make a card for your friend’s birthday, for Father’s day, to celebrate Graduation, or just to brighten someone’s day.

See our Makers at work…

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Celebrate Mom this Sunday with a Gift!

Come to the Library this Friday, May 11th at lunch in the Makerspace to learn how to make a hand-made card to celebrate the women who are special in your life.

Bring your lunch.  All supplies will be provided and making the card should take about 15 minutes.

Some sample cards…


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Library Services During AP Exams

AP Exams begin Monday May 7th and many of them are written in the Library.  As exams begin before school and don’t finish until 4pm, library hours will be very restricted.  Students may return books during the book closure using the book drop slot in the door.

May 10/11 access to the Non-Fiction Section will be restricted, but most fiction, magazines, and DVD’s will be accessible.  Regular sign-out, book return, and renewal services will be available.

Study block students can access the library only on May 10/11.  Please go to the Cafeteria or Connect if you need space to work during the closure days.




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Vikings Talk Wednesday April 4th–Science Fiction Day!

Come join us in the Library at lunch, Wednesday April 4th for our Vikings Talk about George’s Secret Key to the Universe by Lucy and Stephen Hawking, The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Lu, and Take Me To Your Chief by Drew Hayden Taylor.


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Freedom to Read Week 2018

Freedom to Read Canada 2018

What do Harry Potter, Captain Underpants, and  the dictionary all have in common? They’ve all been banned in various libraries and schools. This week is national Freedom to Read Week, which focuses on intellectual freedom, guaranteed under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Freedom to Read Week does this by highlighting books that have been banned and challenged in various places. We have lots of books in our collection which have been challenged or banned in other places.  Come see if you can figure out why they’ve been controversial.  Maybe you’ll even find a banned book that you want to read.

For more information visit the Freedom to Read web site.

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Valentine’s Day–Closed at Lunch for Speed Book-Dating

A reminder that the library will be closed at LUNCH on Wednesday for our Speed Book-Dating event.  If you need to return, renew, or check out materials, please join us before school, at break, or after school.

If you’re participating in Speed Book-Dating, please arrive as quickly as possible (you can eat in the Library while we’re waiting to begin).  Your book (or cover photo if we don’t have a copy yet) and name tag will be waiting for you when you arrive.

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Find a new book to love! February 14th

Are you a wiz at finding books new readers to love them?  Or maybe you’re looking for a new book to love?

Sign-up for “Speed Book-Dating” to find a new book to capture your heart.  Forms will be available in the Library and from your English teacher.  Forms are due to the library by Thursday, February 8th.

We’ll find new books to love Wednesday, February 14th at lunch.

North’s twelfth annual Speed Book-Dating event takes place Wednesday, February 14th at lunch in the library. If you’ve never been to the event before, here’s how it works:

  1. Come down to the library right at the bell with your lunch.
  2. Place all bags and coats on tables and find the seat labelled with your name.  (If you’ve asked us to provide your book and we have a copy, it will be on your chair.)
  3. Eat your lunch while waiting for everyone else to arrive.
  4. When we begin, you’ll be paired with one other person who also has a book to share.  Introduce them to your book.  You can say what the book is about, why you think they’ll love it, and and/or what you loved about it.
  5. Next your partner will tell you about their book to love.  Remember (or make a note) of the book’s title if it sounds like a story you might want to spend some time with.
  6. Rotate and and do it all again with your new partner.

Most of the books are available in our library.  If you’ve forgotten which title stole your heart, we will also have a list of who presented what so you can easily find the books that made your heart flutter.

One of the Teacher-Librarians will go over these instructions again so relax and enjoy.

Thank you for supporting this annual event!

Note: The library will be closed to all other patrons during lunch.

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