Speed! Book! Dating!

Join us on Friday, February 10th for this year’s edition of Speed Book Dating. No, you’re not finding a person to date, you’re sharing your love for your favourite book, and maybe finding a new book to fall in love with. Find new books, share your favourites, maybe win a prize, eat some chocolate.


When: Friday, February 10th, at lunch. Where: In the library, of course. How does it work: Choose a favourite book that you’d like to share; fill out the form you’ll find in the library; be prepared to spend 45-60 seconds sharing with a partner why your book is so awesome and hear about the awesomeness of their book; then, switch to a new partner. It’s fun, it’s fast, and you’ll probably discover new books that you want to read. If you’re coming, please sign up in the library by this Friday, February 3rd.

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