Creepy Carrots!

This was an exciting week in the library.  We read the story, “Creepy Carrots” by Aaron Reynolds.  It is about a young rabbit who begins to think that the carrots he loves to eat are out to get him!  After weeks of worry, he finally hatches a plan to stop the carrots for good.  Ask your son or daughter about the surprising end of the story.

When we had finished reading, we realized that there were some carrots watching US!  Everyone worked together to find all 10 carrots hiding in the library.

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Happy Thanksgiving! Joyeux Action de Graces!

It is so easy to lose track of the wonderful things in our lives when there is so much worry and stress surrounding us.  Thanksgiving is often a time when families gather together and this year will look different.  This holiday weekend is a perfect time to focus on the things we have that we are thankful for. With this in mind, we spent our time in the library this week reading the book, “Thanks for Thanksgiving” by Heather Patterson and we thought about the things we are thankful for.

After we came up with ideas, we wrote one down on a colourful leaf.  Mme Chow created a large tree in the hallway outside the library.  All of the students and staff were invited to join in to post their leaf on the tree.  Now, we are having fun reading the leaves our friends posted and trying to hunt down leaves from particular people.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  Joyeux Action de Graces, tout le monde!


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Bonjour! Hello!

Bonjour tout le monde!  Hello Everyone!

My name is Ms. Lloyd and I am so excited to be at Inman as your new librarian and head teacher.  Our library opened this week, after careful consideration of the health and safety protocols.

What does that mean?  To keep our community safe, we will be following a pattern and routine.  Each class has a designated time to visit.  Primary classes will follow the cookie monster footprints into the library.

When the tracks end, the students will choose a cookie to sit on.  Each cookie has been distanced from the others so the children can maintain a safe distance while listening to the story.

To sign out a book, primary students will follow the tracks to the desk.  They will place their books on the desk and then stand on the monster feet while the librarian signs out their books.  If someone is already at the desk, they know to stand on the next available cookie monster foot while they wait.

Intermediate students will sign out their own books at a separate desk.  They will each have their own large card.  This card will also serve as a shelf marker to help students replace books in the correct location as they browse.

To assist the librarian, intermediate students will be asked to help with the shelving of books.

When students return their books, the books will be held in a bin.  There will be one bin for Monday-Tuesday, one for Wednesday and one for Thursday-Friday.  The books in the bin will be quarantined for at least 72 hours.  The bin will then be pulled out and the books will be reshelved.

To begin the year, each student will take out only one book.  We will test our procedures and routines to see how they are working and adapt as we see the need.

Happy Reading!

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Goodbye My Inman Readers

Hi Everyone,

I wished I could have said goodbye to everyone of you at the school but in these times, it was not possible. Enjoy the summer and take care. I am off to Marlborough and also want to thank you all for supporting the Library!

Mrs. Giacomazza

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Have you ever wondered what it is like washing an animal?

Have you ever tried to wash an animal?  Sometimes, we think it is as easy as making pizza!  Well this weeks’s story is about how washing an animal is actually very tricky and requires good planning and easy to follow steps especially if you have one that does not like water.

  • Imagine trying to give a hamster a bath?  What would that look like?  What are all the steps?  Could someone like Mrs. G follow your instructions.
  • This week, pick an animal that you could care for and draw it and write down all the possible steps to giving it a clean wash.

Mrs. Giacomazza and her daughters used to have to wash their guinea pig Coco.  Well Coco  never liked the bathtub so we had to work together and find creative ways to get her clean.  Lets just say, we didn’t realize how sharp her claws could be! Ouch!

Mrs. G. also had the opportunity to wash an elephant where I learned that you have to be very careful!

Virtual Library Read Aloud Week of May 25th

  • Ms. Ramirez – Tuesday (10:00 am)
  • Mme. Chin – Tuesday (10:30 am)
  • Mme. Reynolds – Tuesday (11:30 am on Zoom)
  • Mme. Wong – Wednesday (10:30 am)
  • Ms. Beatovic – Wednesday (11:00 am)
  • Mme. Trahan – Thursday (1:30 pm)
  • Mrs. Bech/Mrs. Mauro – TBA


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Inman Monsters Love Underpants

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Mrs. G Virtual Read Aloud #5

Mrs. Giacomazza will be reading “Monsters Love Underpants” this week.  Students can  create a puppet or draw something similar to show Mrs. Giacomazza during the read-aloud?  You can also send me a picture later which I can also share with Mrs. G.  Students may also download the following: underpantscoloringpage2

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Mrs. G Read Aloud Series 4

A fable is a story, often with a message or happy ending. This week, please listen to the original story of the Little Red Hen.  Often authors will take a story structure but change characters,  settings, and problems while sending a message that will make you think about the character’s decision making.  

Mrs. G. has connected some parts of this story to Pizza making which includes preparing my own dough from scratch. see Recipe

What do you notice about the message of my read aloud?

Can you draw me a pizza with all your favourite toppings?  

If you are able to make some type of pizza with your family, I would love to see a photo.   I also challenge your classroom teacher to do the same!  See you next week. 

You can also enter the Kitchen Hacks Challenge which ends May 22, 2020. Bon appetite.

Week of May 11th Read Aloud schedule:

  • Mme. Trahan – Monday, May 11th (1:00 pm)
  • Ms. Ramirez – Tuesday, May 12th (10:00 am)
  • Mme. Chin – Tuesday, May 12th (10:30 am)
  • Mme. Reynolds – Tuesday, May 12th (11:30 am on Zoom)
  • Mme. Wong – Wednesday, May 13th  (10:30 am)
  • Ms. Beatovic – Wednesday, May 13th (11:00 am)
  • Ms. Sirsiris – Wednesday, May 13th (11:30 am)
  • Mrs. Bech/Mrs. Mauro – Thursday, May 14th (1:30 pm) 







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Video Editor basics to compress a video

I used this program to reduce an 800 MB video down to 215 MB and chose MP4 format which works well on the web.

  • Launch Editor from PC or Laptop
  • Start a new project


  • Name your Video


  • In the Project Library panel, click + to add the video you took from your iPad.


  • Click on finish video and select the desired size.  I selected medium which is big enough for one to view online.  Then click export.

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Mrs. G’s Read Aloud Series 3

“Can you count the number of times you call your Mom in ONE day or anyone else you look to for help!”   Is it 5 times a day, 10 or 50?

Well, May 10th Mother’s Day and to show appreciation, I will be reading a story about all those times when we use her name to support us in need.  

Week of May 4th Virtual read aloud schedule:

  • Mme. Trahan – Monday, May 4th (1:00 pm)
  • Ms. Ramirez – Tuesday, May 5th (10:00 am)
  • Mme. Reynolds – Tuesday, May 5th (11:30 am on Zoom)
  • Mrs. Bech/Mrs. Mauro – Tuesday, May 5th (1:30 pm) 
  • Mme. Chin – Wednesday, May 6th (10:00 am)
  • Mme. Wong – Wednesday, May 6th  (10:30 am)
  • Ms. Beatovic – Wednesday, May 6th (11:00 am)
  • Ms. Sirsiris – Wednesday, May 6th (11:30 am)


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