Love the Kindness Notes

There were some suspicious grade 7’s lurking in the hall this morning.  I told them they looked like they were up to something but they said they were interested in some hallway work.  Mrs. G is always psychic and low and behold, kindness notes stuck to the library door!  Love IT you three! Thank you!

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Literacy Week Extraordinaire!

We have exciting activities going on January 27 -31st. 


  • Selfie Book Project – Classes create a display outside the classroom to show selfie pics.
  • Buddy Reading – Classes schedule times for older students to read to younger.




Image result for breathe up wonder pup

Monday, Jan. 27: Guest Author:  Angela Murphy reading Breathe Up Wonder Pup

Imagine Mr. Chow allowing therapy dogs to read to in the library, just like the book, 


Tuesday, Jan. 28: Literacy Inspired Art Day
• Extension activities could include art inspired activities like drawing a sequence of the story in a three-part comic strip.
• “What Animal Can You Make?” with the given clues. 

Wednesday, Jan. 29: Literacy Games Day

  • Teach Your Monster to Read App on iPads.
  • Campfire stories…(scavenger hunt of things and students create stories)
    Books used to follow instructions & create – ex: paper airplanes, origami, pen & paper games, and board games.
  • Online games such as Chicktionary, Whack-a-mole Alphabet game.

Thursday, Jan. 30th: Spontaneous Drop Everything and Read
• students need to be ready to read at any moment for 5 minutes


Friday, Jan. 31st: Month End Assembly & Kahoot Challenge
• Gallery walk to view Class Book Selfies

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Big Thank You

Scholastic could not have been successful without the dedicated support of our Inman parents who worked tirelessly to make sure the book fair was successful.  Thank you for all that you do!  We had a fantastic turn out of so many families!  It was a pleasure meeting everyone. I am sure there were some surprise presents this holiday season and hopefully lots of pleasure reading. 

In addition, Mme. Chin ended up being the lucky winner for more Scholastic books from the draw. 

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Keyboard Colours

 Click on image below to take you to All the Right Type online!

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Early Man Digital Collections

Click on the image to explore the digital collection.

Image result for early man Lucy archaeology

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Linking Words to the Pictures

After jotting down facts and questions about the life and purpose of the bee from our non-fiction library books, students are now going to find images representing their concept onto an Inspiration file.

The goal is to write the linking words that describe their relationship.  For example what do you notice about the linking boxes?

Students UPLOAD their files HERE

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Getting Started with Bee Resources



Think about why the information is important for “Saving Our Bees”

The Science Learning Lab in NZ has some really good articles and videos.

Below are some videos to support your learning.

  • This video explains how bees make honey but it also explains bee communication.  You will definitely want to draw some of the bee moves!


Inspiration Files

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Bee Introduction

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Leaf People ~ Art Examples

Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert inspires a class nature walk. What a wonderful opportunity to collect leaves and more to create our own Leaf People characters for our story.

Leaf People Fall Art



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Federal Election Links

Federal Election 2019

Check out what parties have to say about the issues!  Then learn what students wants from them. The Destiny Collection has a variety of resources to review from how elections work to making politicians accountable. Click on the image to take you to these links.

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