Flexible Schedule

Inman Library Learning Commons


  • place where our students develop reading, writing, listening, speaking, informational, and digital literacy skills.
  • facilitate students’ grow as individuals by fostering a love of reading and learning
  • facilitate learning common spaces where students engage in activities to increase literacy skills and develop a life-long love of reading and learning.
  • develop critical thinking, technology, and literacy skills to ask good questions and investigate the answers.
  • facilitate making learning visible.

In order to facility this goal of moving towards a flexible schedule to support inquiry learning, students are encouraged to use book exchange times to refresh their reading.

Book Exchange:  

  • Students from Grade 3 – 7 can return their books during book exchange. 
  • Monday – Friday after recess and after lunch (unless closed due to unforeseen circumstances).
  • “Book Blitzes” will be scheduled upon teacher request.

After this week, primary classes will know their set library time.  

  • Please review care of library books with your child.  Book bags need to be used for students to continue to take books out of the library.