Primary Orientation – Session 1: Manners and Sammy the Shelfie

When students enter the library, it is important to learn how to display good library citizenship.  One way to do this is by showing “Manners in the Library” as sung in the following video.

When students are ready to explore books on the shelves, this is where our shelf markers play an important role to help keep all the books in order.


When students take books home, it is important that books are taken good care!  

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Rosie Revere Engineer Class Activities

Cover artWelcome to our First Week at Inman.  Students have an opportunity to engage in many activities around Rosie Revere Engineer by Andrea Beaty. Andrea Beaty also offers resources such as  the S.T.E.M Activity – K-4 Guide and the Revere AirplaneStem Read Site supports Rosie Revere with lessons plans and student activities such as:

Or make a Gliding Robot from

Image result for minion clipart

In addition, participate in the “Minions of Reasons of why we read!”  

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Saving Images & Resizing


  1. Right Click, Select Save Image
  2. A Pop-window will appear for you to rename and save the file in a location
  3. Name the file with something familiar
  4. Save it on your desktop so it is easier to 


  1. Right-click on the image
  2. Select Irfanview
  3. Select Image, Resize
  4. Type 400 and let the program reduce the rest
  5. Save the file in the same location


  • Images must partner with the information you are writing about. Random images on a poster becomes meaningless.
  1. Launch MS Word
  2. Save As MS Word document on your computer desktop (to make it easier to find)
  3. A Pop up will appear. Name the file XXX (whatever your animal is)_yourname
  4. Click Insert and select the images.
  5. Resize each image so that it fits on a single page.  
  6. Want to get fancy, give each image a picture boarder.


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Culture Colour

Use this guide to select a colour that represents you and your family.





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Snail Observation Videos

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Snail Habitat Resources

Introduction to Gastropods

Before creating a snail habitat, it is important to research some questions 

Image result

to start your thinking.

  • What do they need to survive?
    • How long can I keep the snail?
    • What kind of dirt does it need?  What ph levels are needed?
    • What does it eat?
    • How much room does it need to move?
    • How do I keep the habitat clean?
    • What food do they eat? 
    • How many can there be in one habitat?
    • How do I safely pick up a snail?

Students wanting to type out their notes, can use the Animal Inquiry Interactive online tool to help organize their research.

Here are a variety of resources to help research for a snail habitat.

Read: Snail Picture Book? 

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Snails Pace Song and Tiny Snail Story

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Country Resources on Symbols

Most students should start with the reference books pulled for class use.  However, here area also a few good places to start to research symbols of a country.

The following links below are for students who have access to limited print materials. 









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Le Tatou ~ Note-taking Activity

Use the following Organizational Chart to help organize your information.

Here are some links helpful websites for researching animals in French for primary students:

Also, Mrs. G. has pulled lots of books.  Check them!

Example: Videos on  Nine-banded Armadillo


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The Moccasin Display

Ms. Sherwood and Ms. Mauro’s class worked together to create moccasins.

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