Library Information

Inman Library Learning Commons


  • place where our students develop reading, writing, listening, speaking, informational, and digital literacy skills.
  • facilitate students’ grow as individuals by fostering a love of reading and learning
  • facilitate learning common spaces where students engage in activities to increase literacy skills and develop a life-long love of reading and learning.
  • develop critical thinking, technology, and literacy skills to ask good questions and investigate the answers.
  • facilitate making learning visible.
  • develop love of reading through choice while encouraging depth and range of reading experiences.
  • develop reading stamina

Students are encouraged to use book exchange times to refresh their reading.

Book Exchange:  

When students are finished a book, they are encouraged to get a new one during book exchange. Allowing students to take a new book promotes increased reading instead of having to wait until the next library time.

  • Students from Grade 3 – 7 have scheduled book exchange days; however, students are encouraged to take new books once finished. 
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday during recess (unless closed due to unforeseen circumstances).

K- 2 PRIMARY – Story & Book Exchange

Set schedule to be created.  This is an important time to teach your child to be responsible for library books.  If a book is not returned, the student will not be able to take out another book. Later in the year, we do allow students to take more than one book but that will be with the discretion of the classroom teacher and teacher-librarian. 

Sick or Damaged Books

Please review care of library books with your child.  Book bags need to be used for students to continue to take books out of the library. We’ve had a high number of damaged books this past year and many of them are difficult to replace.  Families will be charged a replaced fee for the damaged item.  Common issues are food and water damage and ripping due to incorrectly turning pages during reading.