Orange Shirt Day – Phyllis’ Story

Orange Shirt Day is a legacy of the St. Joseph Mission residential school commemoration event held in Williams Lake in the spring of 2013. It grew out of Phyllis’s account of losing her shiny new orange shirt on her first day of school at the Mission, and it has become an opportunity to keep the discussion on all aspects of residential schools happening annually. To read more, visit 

Phyllis’ Story

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The Lorax ~ a Banned Book

The Lorax was banned in Laytonville, California in 1989 from a local public school. The Lorax was banned because it portrays the foresting industry in an arguable negative way. Some people felt that this book was persuading children to be against logging.

There are many websites, youtube videos, and lesson plan ideas for our theme.  For starters, here is one website: to help get you going if you need a starting point.

Here is a site not specific to the Lorax movie but resources centered on environment that is worth reviewing: (BC resource)

Everyone has the ability to make a difference. What will you choose to do?

Also check out The Lorax Project from Seussville for conservation ideas, games, and activities.

Finally, here is the original movie obtained from Youtube (25 min long).

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Animals and their Babies



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Pitches ~ Dragon’s Den

What makes a stellar Dragon’s Den Pitch?  View some of the samples below and identify what would be needed to make your pitch selected for the class project?







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Unpacking Key Search Terms

Grade 7 students create word maps to break down the research problem of making book bags environmentally viable.

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Habitats Matter

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Div 1 Making Triangles with Spheros

 Aston’s code for controlling a sphero to draw a triangle.  Notice the angles he uses to direct the sphero.  Does it start and stop at the same point?

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Sphero Introduction on Using Blocks


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Indigenous Collections ~ Starting with a Map

Click on the Map to explore various First Peoples before contact to identify the names for research purposes:


Image result for indigenous civilizations pre contact

Click on this image to be redirected to Follet Collections on selected resources.


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Life Cycle of a Butterfly

 Together we will compare the similarities and differences between a butterfly and dragonfly.

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