Library Club

Library Monitor Duties and Responsibilities (Grade 5-7)

If you are the kind of person who is organized, likes to focus on details, is responsible, gets pleasure out of helping others, and isn’t afraid to admit you don’t understand something and are not sure what to do, then being a library monitor might be just the job for you. 

  • Library monitors are responsible for showing up at their scheduled time.  If you are unable to show up for some reason you need to find someone to substitute for you, except if you are at home sick.
  • You are responsible for helping to keep the library a safe, welcoming place where people can come to work or just find a quiet place. 
  • Working in the library involves many different tasks.  Some of them are mentioned below. 


Know the library layout and where different sections are located, using standard systems for organising the collection.Image result for shelving books clipart

  • Arrange books on shelves from left to right, top to bottom, bay-by-bay.
  • Follow numerical and alphabetical order of different sections.
  • Keep shelves up to 3/4 full and incorporate face-out display of attractive books.
  • Make sure shelves stay tidy.
  • Put books that are on the shelving cart away in the correct section of the library. If you are unsure of where the books go, ask the teacher-librarian.  Do not shelve books unless you are sure you know where they go.  It is a HUGE job to track down misshelved books!


Know about the upkeep of the library environment.

  • Keep tables and chairs and cushions neatly arranged.
  • Turn lights, heaters, and computers on and off.
  • Open and close windows, curtains, and blinds.
  • Clean shelves, books, computers, and furniture in suitable ways.


Learn about ways to promote the library, its collection, and services:

  • Create displays based on an author, theme or event.
  • Contribute reviews and recommendations to a library newsletter, blog, or library webpage.
  • Talk about good reads in class, during a visit to the library, or at assembly.
  • Do buddy reading with peers or juniors.
  • Create book trailers, slideshows, and book-related images and videos.
  • Help run library competitions and events, like quizzes, author visits, book week, and book fairs.
  • Act as a library guide for visitors to the school.

Collection development

Help library staff to select library resources by:

  • recommending book and magazine titles
  • keeping a suggestions book
  • surveying users for ideas.

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