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Grade 9 into 10 Course Selection

Hi Grade 9's!

Here is the Leadership Application Form (2021) that is FILLABLE - that means that you SAVE the PDF to your computer FIRST and then start to type into it.

One you have finished filling everything in to the Application, please print it out, and have your 3 teachers fill out their portions of the reference areas.

Completed Leadership Applications are DUE on March 5th to Student Services - you will see a BOX labelled "Leadership Applications"

Here is a copy of the presentation that Ms. Gill went through today on ZOOM 🙂

For more information about what each of our Departments offer, please see the Burnaby South Open House Page -

If you have disabled or locked yourself out of your MyEd Student Portal, please send an email to:

If you have any questions, please come and see me!

Ms. Fenn

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