Course Selection

Only students with incomplete timetables or legitimate errors will be allowed course corrections in September 2012

  • There will be NO course changes


The List of Course Selection: Courses for september 2012 is available for viewing


ACE-IT (ACCELERATED CREDIT ENROLMENT IN INDUSTRY TRAINING)/INDUSTRY CONNECT/INDUSTRY CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS The Ace-It/Industry Connect/Industry Certification Programs are open to students in Grade 11 or 12.  All 3 programs include a combination of course work and work experience leading to graduation and recognized industry certification. All 3 Programs are considered “Dual-Credit” Programs, as students receive graduation credits, …

Required Courses

Grade 8 Required Courses English 8 Mathematics 8 Science 8 Social Studies 8 Physical Education 8 Home Economics 8/Technology Education 8 French 8 Grade 9 Required Courses English 9 Mathematics 9 Science 9 Social Studies 9 Physical Education 9 Grade 10 Required Courses English 10  (Mandatory Provincial Exam) Mathematics 10 (Mandatory Provincial Exam) Apprenticeship and Workplace or …

Study Block

Grade 8 to 11 Students must be enrolled in 8 Courses at Burnaby South (Full-Time Student) Study Blocks are only granted to students in Grade 12, under approval of application Grade 12 Study Block Requirements: You must be taking a minimum of five Academic Ministry Examinable Courses in the 2011/12 school year You must fill …

Summer School

Students can choose to take a Summer School Course in any School District…BUT…if you take a course OUTSIDE of Burnaby, you MUST let your Counsellor know in September (with final Summer School Report Card), so that you will receive the required credits on your School Transcript Students Going Into Grade 8 & 9 These courses …

Upgrading Courses

Burnaby South students are not allowed to upgrade any courses in any subject area that they have already received a Final Passing Grade Should students chose to want to repeat a course for a higher grade, they must do so through:  Online, Night School or Summer School ♦ NOTE: Students must do their research first …

Course Selection Forms

Here is the list of the Grade 8 to 12 Course Selection Sheets for September 2017 Gr. 8 Course Selection Form (2017) Gr. 9 Course Selection Form (2017) Gr. 10 Course Selection Form (2017) Gr. 11 Course Selection Form (2017) Gr. 12 Course Selection Form (2017)

Courses “Closed” For September

The Following Courses Have Been “Closed” For September 2015 Due To Low Enrollment

AP & Honours Courses

why take honours courses? Enriched learning environment, greater depth in topics learned Group of equally interested, motivated & advanced students Find out what you can really do – challenge yourself Grade 11 Honours courses are prerequisites for many Grade 12 AP courses.  AP Courses can give you credit for university level courses and help with …

Language Challenge Exams

Are you interested in Challenging a Language that you are already fluent in?   COURSES OFFERED TO CHALLENGE French 11 or 12 German 11 or 12 Important Notice for German Language Challenge Exams:  Due to consistent low enrollment it has been decided that 2017/2018 will be the last year that German 11/12 exams will be offered. Japanese 11 or 12 Korean …

External Credits

  For more information on what Organizations, Sports, Etc. are eligible for External Credits, please refer to the Ministry Website on External Credits

Transition to Trades Program

Full year program – students entering Grades 10 and 11 Combine academic studies and trade exploration courses to fulfill graduation requirements Some trade area options are: Mechanics, Metalwork, Welding, Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing

90 Hour (Career Preparation)

What Is It? 90 hours of unpaid career related work experience and equals a 4 credit course When Does It Start? Students may begin to complete their 90 hours between the summer of Grade 11 and June of Grade 12 year (can be completed during or outside of school time). Students MUST complete Planning 10 prior …

Secondary School Apprenticeship

If you are currently working in a trade, or have an interest in trades, Secondary School Apprenticeship will allow you to: Earn up to 20 graduation credits while working in an ITA recognized trade Earn money at work while still attending secondary school classes on alternate days Be eligible for a $1000 scholarship if you …