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Where Do I Go If…..

I Have Lost My Go-Card?

  •  Go to Ms. Balbino in Student Services between 9:00am and 11:30am

I Lost a Textbook?

  • Go to Ms. Bergman in the Main Office

I am feeling sick?

  • If you are feeling sick during the School Day, you must report to the Office to obtain Parental/Guardian permission to go home
  • If you are feeling sick prior to school starting in the morning, have your Parent/Guardian phone the school (604-296-6880) to record your absence
    •  You will still need to bring a note to your teachers your first day back

I was absent?

  • It is your responsibility to bring a note from home (explaining your absence, and signed by your parents/guardian) the first day you are back at school.
  • You will need to bring this note to all of your teachers whose classes you missed on the day(s) you were sick
  • Then take that signed note to the Front Office to have those absences excused
    • Remember:  no note means that your absence is unexcused

I am late to school?

  • Report directly to your class
    • If you are late to class because you were speaking with a Teacher/Counsellor/Administrator, make sure to obtain an "Administrative Slip" from them so that your Teacher will excuse your lateness

I lost my bag/jacket/etc?