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Main Type of Scholarships

Provincial Exam Scholarship ($1000)

  • Students must achieve at least a “B” (73% or above) final mark (provincial exam and school mark combined) in one of the Language Arts 12 (Communications 12 or English 12)
  • On the remainder of the Mandatory Provincial Exams (Science 10, English 10, Math 10, Social Studies 11), students must achieve at least one “A” (86% or higher) and three “B”s (73% or higher).
  • FYI...
    • Students who have met all scholarship requirements under the old rules but have not graduated prior to August 31, 2011 and do not qualify for scholarship under the new rules will be awarded a scholarship based on the work done prior to August 31, 2011
Provincial Exam Scholarship ($2500)
  • Students must meet the eligibility of the Provincial Exam Scholarship ($1000) --> see above
  • Students must rank among the top 20 scholarship students
Academic Medal of Excellence
  • Any student who achieves a perfect score (100%) in each of three provincial exams from grades 10 – 12 (exam mark)

Provincial District Scholarships ($500 - $1000)

  • Students registered in Business Ed, Tech Ed, PE, Home Ec, Visual or Performing Arts (or a combination) are eligible.

University Entrance Scholarships

  •  Students may apply directly to various Post-Secondary institutions for consideration, based on GPA and extra-curricular involvement in Athletics, the Arts, and Student Government

Burnaby South Scholarships

  •  There are several scholarships provided by the Community, Memorial Funds, and the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC), that are available to South Students.
  • Only students who have completed the  Burnaby South Profile Form will be considered
  • The South Scholarship Committee will choose the recipients

External Scholarships

  • These awards are available to BC Grads.
  • The scholarships are available through a variety of sources
  • Some will be advertised at school (via Scholarship Newsletter and RATV), others will be available through a relative's place of work (Company or Unions), or from a Service Club or Similar Organization
  • Also don't forget to check the Scholarships Tab, and New Scholarships Available Tab on this blog for other external scholarships