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Rebel Grads 2021 Yearbook Write–up

Grads, here is your chance to put your thoughts into words, to thank the people who helped you get to this point, to make a comment abut your time at South, your thoughts on starting your grad year with COVID-19, to offer words of wisdom!

There is a limited amount of space so choose your words wisely.

If you do not get your photo taken (Artona or Go-Card) your write-up will not be printed in the yearbook.

If you choose not to send in a write-up, your yearbook photo will be organized in alpha order in the no-write-up grad section of the yearbook.

Write Up 
  • The yearbook space for you write-up is limited to 375 characters
  • We suggest you do your write-up in Word and save a copy.
  • Do a letter and character count in Word and copy it over to this space.
  • SPACES and PUNCTUATION is included in the 375 character count.
  • If the content is too long, we reserve the right to edit/shorten the text to make it fit in the space.
  • Please only use English.
  • Do not use symbols, emoji's, hashtags, inappropriate language, or acronyms.
  • Just a final reminder that all write-ups will be read and approved by Ms Wong and Ms Lee and anything questionable will be removed.

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