UBC Admissions Update…

Given current uncertainty about the availability of spring report cards for BC high school students,UBC has opted to consider final confirmed grades to date, including final Grade 11 and completed Grade 12 courses.

This approach will allow us continue to deliver admissions decisions as soon as possible in a way that is fair for all students.

BC high school students who have applied this year will still be considered on their spring grade 12 marks, once we receive them from the Ministry of Education in May.

Applicants from BC high schools are encouraged to submit a Post-Secondary Institution (PSI) Choices form to the Ministry.

How UBC will use grades for 2012 BC high school applicants

This year, we will not be asking students to self-report their grades. We will provide 2012 applicants from BC high schools with two assessments:

  • The first assessment will be in March and April, using academic information provided by the Ministry in mid-March.
    • This would contain final official grade information for all courses completed to date, including grade 11 courses and grade 12 non-linear courses.
    • No applicant will be denied admission based on this information, but students who present particularly strong academic records, in combination with strong personal profiles, will receive offers of admission in mid-April.
  • The second assessment will happen in mid-May.
    • All applicants will be reviewed based on academic information (like TRAX data) provided by the Ministry, as in previous years.
    • Our understanding is that the May grades from the Ministry will contain interim grades for courses in progress.
    • We will use this up-to-date academic information, in combination with personal profiles, to assess applicants who have not yet gained admission to their program of choice.

Next steps

The most important next step for all applicants currently in a BC high school is to submit your PSI Choices form to the Ministry to provide them with your permission to release your academic record to UBC.

This has always been a required step for BC applicants, but this year it is particularly important to submit as early as possible.

Visit the “PSI” Tab for information on how to submit your PSI ASAP:  http://blogs.sd41.bc.ca/south-counselling/graduation/psi-forms/

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