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Canadian students must apply to UBC by December 1, 2020 if they wish to be considered for:

International students must apply to UBC and submit a separate award application by January 5, 2021 to be considered for:

The final deadline for all applications is January 15, 2020.


BC students must provide UBC with their Personal Education Number (PEN) and order a transcript for UBC via by the application deadline. When ordering their transcript, students should select “send my transcript now and allow this Post-Secondary Institution to request transcript updates” and choose the default date (one year from the date of their order) so that we can receive their interim and final grades continuously. Additional instructions and details are available on the Student Transcripts Service website


The Schulich Leader Scholarships program recognizes students across Canada who demonstrate excellence in academics and community leadership, who might have financial need, and who plan to study their undergraduate degree in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics) area. Candidates must be nominated by their high school. Visit the link above for more information on eligibility and how to apply.


We encourage students to start their financial planning early. They can use UBC’s cost calculator to understand how much university will cost and what types of expenses they should consider. If you or your students have any questions, please don’t hesitate to connect with us directly. On our Okanagan campus, students can contact Student Services to learn more about their financial options. On our Vancouver campus, Enrolment Services Advisors are available to help students with  financial planning.

Grads, here is your chance to put your thoughts into words, to thank the people who helped you get to this point, to make a comment abut your time at South, your thoughts on starting your grad year with COVID-19, to offer words of wisdom!

There is a limited amount of space so choose your words wisely.

If you do not get your photo taken (Artona or Go-Card) your write-up will not be printed in the yearbook.

If you choose not to send in a write-up, your yearbook photo will be organized in alpha order in the no-write-up grad section of the yearbook.

Write Up 
  • The yearbook space for you write-up is limited to 375 characters
  • We suggest you do your write-up in Word and save a copy.
  • Do a letter and character count in Word and copy it over to this space.
  • SPACES and PUNCTUATION is included in the 375 character count.
  • If the content is too long, we reserve the right to edit/shorten the text to make it fit in the space.
  • Please only use English.
  • Do not use symbols, emoji's, hashtags, inappropriate language, or acronyms.
  • Just a final reminder that all write-ups will be read and approved by Ms Wong and Ms Lee and anything questionable will be removed.


Our upcoming 3 day virtual Explore event happening through November 19 – 21! This is an opportunity to engage with the university and learn about programs of interest.

You and your parents can visit us virtually to:

  • Discover 90+ programs
  • Connect with faculty through interactive info sessions
  • See samples of student work
  • Meet alumni and current students
  • Take part in a live chat
  • Attend a parent info session
  • Have questions answered
  • Learn about next steps to becoming a CapU student

Here is a sneak peek into some of the exciting presentations you can expect:

  • Portfolio reviews by IDEA School of Design
  • Alumni Panel Discussions
  • School of Kinesiology – Bachelor of Kinesiology (New Program)
  • Industry Panel by the Faculty of Fine & Applied Arts
  • Current Student Panel

RSVP here:



The best way to understand how your application will be evaluated is to

  • confirm that you have met the requirements; and
  • review how the courses you have completed compare to Lists A and B (see admission requirements).

Meet the general and program specific requirements

Complete a minimum of five approved grade 12 courses

  • Take the required courses for your program(s) of interest from List A, and then add additional List A and/or B courses.
  • Use the Admission Compass as a guide to determine what program(s) you are eligible to apply for.

All approved courses matter

  • We are comprehensively evaluating your high school transcript.

For admission to Fall 2020:

  • All approved grade 11 and 12 courses will be used in the evaluation.
  • Courses not included: applied design, skills, and technologies*; career education; physical and health education; faith-based.

*Note: the following courses are approved: Entrepreneurship, Financial Accounting, Engineering, and Mechatronics.

Focus on List A courses

  • List A courses are program specific and help to support your success at SFU.
  • Greater emphasis is placed on List A courses in the evaluation.

Explore within List A and B courses

  • SFU will remove one grade 12 course from the evaluation if you present six or more approved courses as follows:
    • If you present six or more approved List A courses, SFU will remove the lowest, non-required List A course.
    • If you present five or fewer List A courses, your lowest List B course will be removed.

Course exceptions

  • If your school does not offer courses found on Lists A or B of your first choice program, or you are unable to take the courses due to personal circumstance, please complete the Student Course Exception Form.





Hey Burnaby South!!

University of Toronto is holding a Virtual Information Session for Burnaby School District students and parents

  • October 20th at 6pm 

In order to attend, you MUST register FIRST through this link:

Once you register for the session, you will receive a link to join via email and will also receive follow up reminders before the session starts.

Parents are, of course, welcome to join but University of Toronto asks that you attend with your child rather than registering separately as the UofT system will think you are a student and NOT a parent.



Hey Burnaby South!!

SFU is offering 2 virtual SFU recruitment/admissions visits to all schools within the Burnaby School District

  • October 22, 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
  • November 16, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

In order to attend, you MUST go through this link:

No registration is required.

These sessions will be the same, students/parents are encouraged to attend the session that works best for their schedule.

During this time we will review admission requirements, application process, fees/scholarships, faculty/program options, and more!



In recent weeks, we have received numerous questions and concerns from students and parents about UBC’s admissions process this year.

We understand from these discussions that students may be adjusting to changes, such as new learning delivery methods, modified school schedules with less flexibility in course selection, and limited access to extracurricular activities at school or in your community.

We understand that adjusting to these changes can be challenging and want to reassure you that, as the school year unfolds, we will assess and adjust our current processes to ensure that students’ applications to UBC are not disadvantaged.

We will be flexible and responsive and are carefully watching and listening to accommodate these changes in this year’s admissions process.

As decisions are made, we will continue to update the the " Special message about your UBC application and COVID-19" post on our Admissions Blog

Special message about UBC applications and COVID-19

We will be as flexible as possible to ensure that your students’ applications to UBC are not disadvantaged by COVID-19 (coronavirus) disruptions.

We know that – like all students around the world – you are adjusting to ongoing changes meant to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and keep everyone in schools safe. We are carefully watching and listening, so we can accommodate these changes in this year’s admissions process.

We want to reassure you that as these disruptions and changes continue to roll out, UBC will assess and adjust our current processes. Keep checking your email and our blog post to discover any flexibilities and changes.

UBC Undergraduate Viewbook

Learn more about UBC’s two distinctive campuses, explore the wide range of degree programs and specializations, and get a sense of the University’s admission requirements and application process in this year’s Viewbook.

Tours and events

Connect with UBC in person or online to discover whether this is the right university for you to learn, live, and grow. Get a feel for life as a student with a campus tour. Meet UBC advisors at your school or at fairs in your area. Get your questions answered by UBC experts in an online info session.

All of our public events for future undergraduate students are listed below. To find out if UBC will be visiting your school, hosting an event in your area, or attending a fair near you, please log in or create an account.





This fall, we're hosting Big Info on Zoom over three nights.

Big Info is the largest program expo and information session at BCIT. It’s your chance to find out about all our programs – from businesscomputing, and health to engineeringtrades, and applied sciences.

We invite you and your parents to join us for our largest online info session from the comfort of your own home.

Big Info: At-home Edition
October 6, 7, and 8, 4 pm
View full schedule online

Each night will cover different industry sectors as well as key student services areas. While the event may look a little different this time, your students will still be able to explore multiple areas of study, hear from faculty and staff, and get all their questions answered.

They’ll also have a chance to win one of five prizes of $1000 in tuition.






Virtual University of Toronto and U of T Engineering Opportunities
Throughout the Fall, we will be offering virtual information sessions and events to help students with their research on the University of Toronto. To help you with navigating these opportunities, we wanted to direct you to the Discover U of T microsite.

U of T Engineering Viewbooks
The PDF version of the U of T Engineering viewbook can be accessed here.

For more information on our Engineering programs, admission requirement, etc., please visit our website at: