Bullet Journaling Workshop – Monday, October 30th.

Want an interesting and creative way to organise  your tasks and keep track of your life?

Join us for a workshop on how to make a bullet journal. It’s more creative and flexible than just making a list! You can adapt it for your own personal style; make it as fancy or as plain as you want. Bring your own journal/notebook to get started in and something to write with. You can eat your lunch at the workshop. 

Where: the library makerspace

When: Monday, October 30th at lunch

Who: You, hopefully

Sample pages from some bullet journals found online:

peek into my week   from http://www.justsomebroad.com/tag/bullet-journal/     from http://www.becomingateen.co.uk/advice-blog/articles/Bullet-Journals

 A few of my 2016 favorite bullet journal pages. from http://sublimereflection.com/2016-favorite-bullet-journal-pages/

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