Happy New Year

Welcome to a new year – 2022.  I still remember the excitement of the new millenium, the 1900s sliding into the 2000s.  When I was young, looking ahead to that, it felt like the future.  But here we are, 22 years on, and things don’t feel all that different.  Except maybe the masks…
I hope you had a good holiday.  It was one of my best.  A lot of reading, a little knitting and sewing, a puzzle, and snow(!).  It was a quiet couple of weeks; just what I needed.  And a white Christmas.  It doesn’t get better than that.
So now we’re back, a week later than expected, and ready to push on.  During this uncertainty, take time to relax and breathe and do something that brings you joy.  If that’s more Hallmark Christmas films, so be it.  If it’s taking a walk in this wintery (not)wonderland, bundle up well with a waterproof jacket and boots.  You’re even still allowed to bake cookies in January!
Just don’t let your classes overwhelm you.  Do your best to stay on top of things, but remember that we, your teachers, are all here to support you.  Let us know what you need and how we can help.  You know where we are.

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