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Ancient Civilizations


Ancient Rome for Kids – by Mr. Donn
Primary History: Rome – by the BBC


Chinese History – by University of Southern California


The Atlas of Canada – by Natural Resources Canada


Famous Canadians – by Community Learning Network
Picturing Canadian Culture – Images Canada
Canadian Heritage
Canadian Museum of Civilization
Virtual Museum of Canada

Canada Elections

BC Greens
BC Liberals
Elections Canada
Bloc Quebecois
Conservative Party of Canada
Green Party of Canada
Liberal Party of Canada
New Democratic Party of Canada
Registered Political Parties – by Elections Canada

Canadian History

Canadian Yearbook – by Statistics Canada
Early Canadiana Online – by
Encyclopedia of Canadian Peoples – by Multicultural Canada
web links – collected by Multicultural Canada
Klondike Gold Rush
Historica Dominion Institute

Canadian Confederation

The Atlas of Canada – historical maps
Canada in the Making — Becoming a Nation
Canadian Confederation – by Library and Archives Canada
Confederation – The Canadian Encyclopedia
Canadian Heritage Gallery
Censuses of Canada: 1806 – 1871
Confederation Debate 50 Years and Counting –Glossary of terms
Constitutional Act 1867 – Debates
The Great Enterprise – Charlottetown Conference
The History of Canada: the Confederation Idea
New Brunswick Fathers of Confederation
Newfoundland’s Rejection of Confederation
Nova Scotian Separatism
On the Road to Confederation

Canadian Immigration

Movement of People (see 304.8) – by Library and Archives Canada
Canada in the Making: Pioneers and Immigrants – by
Immigrant Voices – by Industry Canada and Chinook Multimedia
Traces of the Past – Moving Here, Staying Here – by Library and Archives Canada
Newfoundland & Labrador Heritage – 19th Century Migration – by Memorial University of Newfoundland
A Scattering of Seeds – The Creation of Canada – by Canadian Heritage and Multiculturalism
Encyclopedia of Canada’s Peoples – by Multicultural History Society of Ontario and SFU Library
Immigration, Colonial Growth and Strife: 1815-1841 – by Canadian Heritage Gallery
Black History Canada – by Historica Dominion
Chinese Settlement – by Library and Archives Canada
On the Road North: Black Canada and the Journey to Freedom – by Parks Canada and Heritage Canada
Last Best West – Encyclopedia of the Great Plains (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)
Last Best West (posters exhibit) – Canadian Museum of Civilization

Canadian Provinces

British Columbia – official government website
Alberta – official government website
Saskatchewan – official government website
Manitoba – official government website
Ontario – official government website
Quebec –  official government website
New Brunswick – official government website
Nova Scotia – official government website
Prince Edward Island – official government website
Newfoundland and Labrador – official government website
Yukon – official government website
Northwest Territories – official government website
Nunavut – official government website
Provinces and Territories – CanadaInfo
Provincial flags

CIA World Factbook

Current Events

Newseum – Today’s Newspaper Front Pages

E-STAT – by Statistics Canada

First Nations of Canada

Language, Heritage, and Culture – Aboriginal Canada
Native American Indian Resources


Physical Geography Fundamentals eBook – by University of BC Okanagan
E-STAT – by Statistics Canada


History Central Catalogue – by European University Institute


BC Civil Liberties Association

Medieval History

Middle Ages for Kids – by Mr. Donn

World War I and Canada

World War I – The Canadian Encyclopedia
Oral Histories of the First World War – Collections Canada
Canada and the First World War – Collections Canada
Canada and the First World War – Canadian War Museum
Henri Bourassa and Conscription: Traitor or Saviour? – National Defence Canada
Images of a Forgotten War – NFB
The First World War – Veteran Affairs Canada
Canada at War – private site dedicated to exploring the role of Canada and its wars
Canada’s Soldiers in The Great War – companion site to TV series
Vimy Ridge Remembered – CBC article