Law 12

Hate Crimes links:

Should hate speech be a crime?  Edward L. Greenspan

Keegstra Case – The Canadian Encyclopedia

Bill Whatcott – Macleans

John Taylor – Human Rights Commission

Judgements of the Supreme Court of Canada

Ernst Zundel – Anti-Defamation League

Distinguishing Zundel and Keegstra – Constitutional Forum

Retrail on inciting hatred charge begins for David Ahenakew – Ottawa Citizen

Not guilty (D. Ahenakew) – Macleans

Parents lose custody of children in racially-charged Manitoba court case

Neo-Nazi parents lose children –

Racist parenting and the best interests of the child: a legal and ethical analysis – Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy

Second brother convicted in cross-burning case; Nova Scotia incident left family ‘appalled and terrified’

NS men charged in cross burning – CBC

R v Nathan Rehberg: trial brief

The right call; Viewpoint: Halifax Chronicle Herald

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