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Science Flix – from Scholastic (to grade 9)


Astronomy News – by Astronomy Magazine
HubbleSite – by NASA
Imagine the Universe – by NASA
Astronomy News – by Science Daily
Space, NASA Information & News – by


Chemistry – Atomic Theory
Atoms, Elements, and Molecules – by Jefferson Labs
Structure of the Atom – by NYU
Dalton’s Atomic Theory – from Clackamus College
Atom videos – from NeoK12
Atomic Mass – by Windows to the Universe (National Earth Science Teachers Assoc.)
Niels Bohr – by PBS


Microbe World – American Society for Microbiology 

Carnivorous Plants

Botanical Society of North America
Carnivorous Plant FAQ – by The International Carnivorous Plant Society
Carnivorous Plant Society – United Kingdom, affiliated with Royal Horticultural Society
Carnivorous Plants – by
International Carnivorous Plant Society
National Geographic
Science Daily


A Look Inside the Atom – by The American Institute of Physics
Atomic Magic – by Oracle ThinkQuest
Chemistry – by VisionLearning (The National Science Foundation)
Chemsoc Timeline – by The Royal Society of Chemistry
Ernest Rutherford
– from Rutherford: Scientist Supreme by John Campbell
Radioactivity: Historical Figures – by The National Health Museum
Science Education – by Jefferson Lab


Atoms, Elements and Molecules – Jefferson Lab
Chemical Elements
Periodic Table of Elements
– National Research Council of Canada
Periodic Table of Elements sorted by atomic number
Periodic Table of Elements – Los Alamos National Laboratory
Periodic Table on the Web – Web Elements
Visual Elements Periodic Table – Royal Society of Chemistry

Climate Change

Global Warming – by NASA Earth Observatory
Climate Change – by US Environmental Protection Agency
Climate Change – by American Institute of Biological Sciences
Global Warming – by Union of Concerned Scientists
Global Warming – National Geographic

Ecosystem Project