Ecosystem Project

I. Succession
Swamp and/or Sand Dune Succession
Countryside Info – Woodland & Wildlife Trust: very good text and many photos of both examples of succession.
The Virtual Nature rail at Penn State New Kensington – Ecological Succession
Coastal Sand dunes
Ecological Succession in Mississippi Patterns & Processes
Ecosystem Succession: Who/What is where and when
Geography Fieldwork – Sand Dunes
Primary Succession – Coastal Sand Dunes
Succession – bogs – a cool animation that fast forwards in time and back tracks in time, which allows you to see the change
Succession (ecological) – New World Encyclopedia
Vegetation Succession: Sand dunes – stages of dune succession

Succession after Glacier Retreat  – Animation and audio of succession at Glacier Bay,_United_States  – Good text of succession at Glacier Bay
Fauna and Flora of Glacier Bay National Park
Primary Succession at Glacier Bay, Alaska – info presented in video format
Succession and Stability

Volcanic Island of Surtsey off Iceland, 1963 – Great source of text and photos on the new volcanic island of Surtsey. – Excellent text, some photos of new life on SurtseyIsland. – Excellent series of text and photos of succession on Surtesy.  Parallels your assignment.  – Very good photos & some text: Surtsey and 1988 YellowstonePark fire succession.

Mount St. Helens 1980 Eruption – To FAQs and ‘Repeat Images…’. Great images and text before and years after eruption. – To ‘Recovery of Plant or Animal…’ Great images and text before and after the eruption.
Ecology after the eruption 
Ecological Succession– satellite images from 1979 to 2011
Mount St. Helens – geology and history summary
Mount St. Helens Succession Collection
Primary Succession on Mount St. Helens with Reference to Surtsey

II. Ecological Sustainability in BC
Sustainability – Various Ecosystems
Stewardship Centre for BC – case studies of stewardship in the province
Environmental Stewardship Division
Greenshores: sustainable approach to coastal design and development
Grasslands Conservation Council of BC

Sustainable Water Use

Water Bucket – Excellent range of topics, links, and success stories in BC
Water Stewardship – BC Ministry of Environment
Water Sustainability Project
Water Use Planning

Sustainable Land & Community Development – Shows how Ucluelet on Vancouver Island has controlled its development. – Summary of the protection and value of Burns Bog in Delta, BC.  Other links. – A summary of history, ecology, and uses of Burns Bog.  Great content and photos.

III. Invasive Species in Southwest BC
Invasive Plants – Excellent text and photos.  Go to ‘invasive species’ to ‘invasive species overview’
Go to “Invasive species” — Invasive species overview — then to “click here to view” all species — then to “animated maps” to show the spread of various alien species in BC or go to the “atlas page” for photos and details of species information

Invasive Animals
Attack of the Alien Invaders – National Geographic text and photos.  Go to ‘invasive species’ to ‘alien animal introductions’.
Invasive Species Council of Alberta
Invasive Alien Species in Canada
Invasive SpeciesWestern North America region
Invasive Species: Stop the spread
Garry Oak Ecosystems – the Threat of Invasive Plants and Animals – Excellent text, photos, and links
Invasive Plant Alert – BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lands
Invasive Plants in Canada – Canadian Food and Inspection Agency
National Invasive Species Information Center – US Department of Agriculture
The United States National Arboretum

 Government Guidelines: a Response to Invasive Species
Alien Species – BC Ministry of the Environment
Invasive Plant Species – Cowichan Land Trust
Invasive Plant Species – District of Saanich
Invasive Species – Capital Regional District

Sustainable Land & Community Development
Planning Principles – District of Ucluelet
Ucluelet Community Profile
Official Community Plan
Ucluelet’s Approach to Sustainable Development Planning
Ucluelet Sustainability Initiatives

Burns Bog
Burns Bog Conservation Society
Burns Bog Ecological Conservancy Area – Management Plan May 2007
Bog  Ecology  – UBC student presentation
Burns Bog Management Plan 2007 – Metro Vancouver

Endangered Species


Union of Concerned Scientists


Action Bioscience – by American Institute of Biological Sciences
Science Reference Centre – by EBSCO


Catalogue of Canadian Volcanoes – by Natural Resources Canada

IV. TEKW (Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Wisdom)
Traditional Ecological Knowledge
Traditional Ecological Knowledge Concepts and Cases
Traditional Ecological Knowledge of Beluga Whales – Arctic Study Centre
Indigenous Peoples’ Restoration Network – Society for Ecological Resoration

V. Symbiotic Relationships
Symbiosis – The Scientist
Ants Protect Acacia Plants Against Pathogens – Institute for Chemical Ecology
Parasitism – Ocean Portal
Mutualism – Ocean Portal
Commensalism – The Encyclopedia of Earth
Symbiotic Relationships in the Tundra

VI. Bioremediation
Bioremediation – Pollution Issues
Healthy Environments – Environmental Health Perspectives
Bioremediation – The Encyclopedia of Earth
Oil Spill Response – The Encyclopedia of Earth
Sunflowers for Lead
Toxin Loving Organisms – The Smithsonian
Bioremediation – Environmental Inquiry
A Citizen’s Guide to Bioremediation – EPA
Bioremediation – EPA

VII. Habitat Fragmentation
Habitat Fragmentation – Encyclopedia of Earth
Habitat Fragmentation: a threat to arctic biodiversity and wilderness –