A Christmas Carol.

In Prose. Being a Ghost Story of Christmas.  This classic Charles Dickens story, published in 1843, is as relevant to our world as it was to the Victorians.  Ebenezer Scrooge has, over his adult life, slowly grown to love money to the exclusion of all else.  It will take a review of his earlier life and a view of the future to help him recognize what he has become and may be.
Every year, I read this story with my son.  I love the language and the tradition of it, but it’s the message of hope and love that gets me every time.  Christmas (or the holiday season if you prefer) is not about gifts (although those are fun!) but about joy, kindness, and peace.
Take some time to consider what you can be grateful for, and how you can make this time special for those around you.  And let those continue throughout the year.
Find some time to read the story (it’s quite short), or an updated version, and to watch one of the films.  The Alastair Sims version is considered the classic one, but I always enjoy the Muppets one.
Of course, these are available here in the library learning commons.

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