In speech-language pathology we make a clear distinction between a person’s speech versus language skills (click here for more information on language).  Speech refers to the physical-acoustic properties of spoken communication including speech clarity that comes from the accuracy of produced speech sounds, substitutions, prosody or intonation, and the rate and fluency of speaking.

Speech Sound Development

Articulation or speech sound development is a gradual process. Children develop speech sound skills at different rates and ages.  Some children develop faster or slower than the average rate.

General resources

Articulation activities

Home Program for Articulation Development – steps for practicing speech sounds

The steps in teaching a sound

Resources organized by individual sounds

F and V

K and G

S, Z and S-blends

L and L-blends

SH, CH and J


R and R-blends


Useful websites

Language Playroom articulation games organized by sound

Videos of 44 phonemes useful for phonemic awareness

Articulation resources and free activities by Testy yet Trying

Mommy Speech Therapy

Free articulation worksheets by Speech Teammate