Grade 9 students choose ONE of the following courses:

English 9

English 9 continues and extends the skills students have developed in English 9, and introduces newer, more complex, texts. In English 9, students will explore two major areas of curricular competency: comprehend and connect (reading, listening, and viewing) and create and communicate (writing, speaking, and representing).

This means English 9 students will spend their year exploring a wide variety of texts – including but not limited to novels, short stories, non-fiction, and poetry, and creating their own texts – including their own stories, poetry, presentations, paragraphs, and more.

Through English 9, students will experience the pleasure of exploring story and the way it shapes identity, culture, and our understanding of the world. They will be well-prepared for the challenges of our senior English program.

English 9 Honours

English 9 Honours covers the same skills as those in English 9, but at an enriched level. This course is excellent for students with a passion for reading and writing and are looking for a challenge in their English course. Entry into the course is subject to department decision. The follow criteria is used to select successful applicants for the course: English Honours Selection Criteria

English 9 Language Development

English 9 Language Development is a course for Grade 9 ELL Level 3 students. This course has similar content and skills focuses as our regular English 9 course, but also emphasizes language instruction.