Grade 12 students must take English First Peoples 12 or English Studies 12 as a BC Graduation requirement. At South, students also have the option of challenging themselves with AP English Literature and Composition, which includes course credit for English Studies 12.

Grade 12 students are strongly encouraged to enroll in an English elective (Literary Studies 12 or Creative Writing 12) to strengthen their literacy and communications skills in preparation for their post-secondary education or career.


English Studies 12

In English 12, students will:

  • Refine their ability to communicate effectively in a variety of contexts and to achieve their personal and career goals
  • Think critically and creatively about the uses of language
  • Explore texts from a variety of sources, in multiple modes, and that reflect diverse worldviews
  • Deepen their understanding of themselves and others in a changing world
  • Gain insight into the diverse factors that shape identity
  • Appreciate the importance of self-representation through text
  • Contribute to Reconciliation by building greater understanding of the knowledge and perspectives of First Peoples
  • Expand their understanding of what it means to be educated Canadian and global citizens

English First Peoples 12

English 12 First Peoples explores literature through an indigenous lens. This course is great for students who are passionate about social justice issues and anti-racism work. Students taking the course will be able to express their learning in a variety of ways including podcasting, essay writing, and  creating a documentary. English First Peoples 12 fulfils all post-secondary requirements for college and university, and will give you deeper insight into Canada past and present. All students, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, will appreciate this course. 

English 11/12 Semestered

English language learners who have successfully completed English 10 Language Adapted, and are in their graduation year, are eligible to enroll in English 11/12 Semestered. This course combines English 11 (Composition) and English Studies 12. Students will meet every day to complete these two courses, which are required for high school graduation. All content and skills for Composition 11 and English Studies 12 will be included in this course, with a special emphasis on language development.

Students must also enroll in Academic Writing for English  to support their success in this course.

Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition (Includes credit for English Studies 12)

Students who want to better prepare themselves for further academic studies in any discipline and/or have a deeper interest in English Literature are encouraged to take AP English. The course is challenging and enriching, and the majority of students who have taken the course have found it worthwhile, especially in their post-secondary studies. AP English is designed to prepare Grade 12 students for university level reading and writing. Students who complete AP English may write the AP English exam and qualify for post-secondary credit at certain universities and colleges. There is an extra fee to write the AP English exam in May. AP English students will still be required to write the Literacy Exam for Grade 12 graduation completion.

AP Students:

  • Are self motivated, curious, engaged, and open to new ways of thinking
  • Have questions about society and humanity
  • Enjoy a challenge
  • Want to prepare themselves for post-secondary studies

Myths about AP English

#1 – Students have to be “A” English students

While students will be selected into AP English based on their performance in their English 11 course, there is no minimum grade requirement. The most important quality a student can bring to AP English is to be willing to work hard and be open to accepting feedback.

#2 – Students have to take the AP Exam

Students can choose to take the AP Exam if they feel prepared and want the option of receiving post-secondary course credit. Many students take AP English for better post-secondary preparation, but choose not to take the exam.

#3 – AP English is super hard

AP English is rigorous. There is more writing and reading than regular English 12 BUT it does provide more practice in those skills, giving students more opportunity to improve in those areas. Students also develop critical thinking, analysis, and researching skills

#4 – English 12 mark will suffer

Students taking AP English receive 2 marks, 1 for English 12 and 1 for AP English.

Students often do well in English 12 because they are getting more opportunities to practice and improve on their writing, analytical, and project skills.