English Classes for English Language Learners at Burnaby South

English Language Development

At Burnaby South, ELL 3 students develop their academic English skills by taking special Language Development courses. These courses have similar focus on content and skills as our regular English courses, but also emphasize language instruction.

  • Grade 8s take English Language Development 8
  • Grade 9s take English Language Development 9
  • Grades 10-12 ELL 3s take English 10 Language Adapted (Literary Studies and Composition)


English 11/12 Semestered

English language learners who have successfully completed English 10 Language Adapted, and are in their graduation year, are eligible to enroll in English 11/12 Semestered. This course combines English 11 (Composition) and English Studies 12. Students will meet every day to complete these two courses, which are required for high school graduation. All content and skills for Composition 11 and English Studies 12 will be included in this course, with a special emphasis on language development.

Students must also enroll in Academic Writing for English Language Learners 11 to support their success in this course.

Academic Writing for English Language Learners 11