English 10 Course Options

Grade 10 students at South have the opportunity to choose from a variety of course options. We want all students to have an English class that they find engaging and challenging! While courses have different areas of focus, all are similarly academically challenging and will focus on comprehending and connecting through reading, listening and viewing; and creating and communicating through writing, speaking, and representing. In all classes, students will read (fiction, non-fiction, drama, poetry) and write (essays and paragraphs, creative writing, and reflective writing). All choice options are paired with English 10 Literary Studies, a course that emphasizes learning through encountering a wide variety of classic and contemporary literary texts.

English 10 First Peoples New Media/Spoken Language

English 10 First Peoples (Literary Studies and Writing) is a course for students who want an English course that is purposeful, current, and focused on social justice issues. We’ll explore modern texts by Indigenous writers and balance our understanding of the past with hope for the future. This is a class for students who appreciate flexibility, choice, discussion, and collaboration. All students, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, will appreciate this course. This course satisfies the Ministry’s Indigenous Graduation requirement.

English 10: The Power of Voice (Literary Studies and Spoken Language Focus)

The Power of Voice invites students to experience the power of spoken language, and learn how to tell their stories. Students will learn through dialogue and discussion, and gain skill in a variety of spoken language genres, including presentation, storytelling, and podcasting.

English 10: Literary Studies and New Media: Film Studies

Who doesn’t enjoy watching films? Films are a form of storytelling that engages and draws people in through combining story with visual elements. Films are another form of communication that exposes, reflects, and comments on humanity. Films are a reflection of their time and through analyzing films, students can learn to understand their society better and see where society is heading into the future.

New Media Film Studies is designed to introduce students to the language and concepts of films such as narrative structure and visual elements – mise en scene and cinematography. They will examine elements of film that make it a distinct genre of communication. Students also explore the connections between literature and film and film and society.

English 10: Literary Studies and Creative Writing

Creative Writing students will study a variety of literary texts to understand structure and style. As writers, they will explore a wide variety of genres, including fiction, non-fiction, screenplay, children’s fiction, and more. Students will become more skilled in the process of writing, from idea generation to editing and revising, and create a portfolio of work.

English 10 Honours: Literary Studies and Composition

English 10 Honours students will read a variety of classic and contemporary literary texts, and learn through discussions and projects. This is an appropriate choice for students who are interested in a challenge, and love reading and writing. English 10 Honours is part of our pre-AP program. Students will be selected by the English Department based on their performance in their English 8 and 9 courses. The selection process is based a written assessment, as well as teacher recommendation focusing on the following criteria: English Honours Selection Criteria

English 10 Language Adapted (Literary Studies and Composition)

English 10 Language Adapted is a course for Level 3 ELL Students in grades 10-12. Students will receive credit for English 10 Literary Studies and Composition. This course provides additional language support for ELL students to succeed in this English course.