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University of Toronto

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Admissions & Awards
172 St. George Street
Toronto, ON
M5R 0A3
Phone: 416-978-2190
Fax: 416-978-7022
Email:  admissions.help@utoronto.ca
Website:  www.adm.utoronto.ca

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Admissions & Application Information

Basic Admission REquirements University of Toronto (all 3 Colleges), requires completion of English 12, plus 4 additional Provincially Examinable or AP Courses (any AP Course) Some Faculties require English 12, Calculus 12, PLUS 4 additional Provincially Examinable or AP Courses  –> MAKE SURE TO CHECK WHICH FACULTY YOU ARE INTERESTED IN APPLYING TO INCASE IT …

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Residence Information

Residence Options Students are asked to indicate their interest in residence on their OUAC Application Form St. George Campus Faculty of Arts & Science There are 2 main styles of residence: Traditional Dorm-Style & Apartment-Style Residences Students within Arts & Science normally reside within their college Students from other faculties can select from college residences …

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Scholarship & Financial Aid Information

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Three Different Campuses

At the University of Toronto, students, faculty and staff study, work and live on three campuses: St. George Campus (Downtown) Mississauga Campus (in the West) Scarborough Campus (in the East)  

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