For Library Club Shelvers

Hi Shelvers. Thanks for volunteering. Your job is the most complex of the library club groups, and there is some information you need to learn to do it. The booklet we gave you has some information, but we know lots of people like to get information from videos too.

Below are some videos to watch on how to shelve books.


Fiction (it’s mostly the same as for us, but ignore the part about ‘E’ on the call number, we don’t use that in High School library)

A couple more:

This one is on reading and sorting spine label numbers.

And this one explains the Dewey Decimal system for you (plus some extra info that’s specific to the library that made the video – ignore that part).

If that stressed you out (don’t worry, we don’t expect you to immediately know how to do everything perfectly), here’s some relaxing library fireplace ambience.

And because it’s October, here’s some spooky library music.


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